Bass Knuckles Beanie - $13.99

Keep it simple and stylish with the Bass Knuckles Beanie. Made from 100% acrylic materials, the super-comfortable Bass Knuckles Beanie features an understated Bass Knuckles tag along the rim.

In fashion, like in fishing, sometimes less is more, and the Bass Knuckles Beanie takes this mantra to heart with its clean-cut design. 

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Bass Knuckles Beanie

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Comments: Bought a black and a grey, and to my surprise, the black one is much bigger than the grey! The Black beanie has "extra" fabric on top of my head when wearing like a regular beanie while the grey beanie fits snugly around the top of my head. Putting them on top of one another, you can really see the difference! Not sure id it is a manufacturing defect, but the fit is not like an average beanie. The material is also very thin and doesn't feel like it would hold up to even light use. Good looking solid color beanie though! I'm keeping both, as the issue is not worth the hassle for a return.

From: Andrew: CA 1/5/15

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