Bass Mafia Bait Casket 3700

Built with a thicker and more rugged frame than most stowaways, the Bass Mafia Large Bait Casket provides anglers with a heavy-duty storage solution for all manner of hardbaits, plastics, and terminal tackle. The Bass Mafia Large Bait Casket is built with 4 super-durable latches and a watertight seal that keeps moisture out and protects your belongings from the elements. Designed with up to 20 storage slots, the Bass Mafia Large Bait Casket is interchangeable with any 3700-size stowaway. Durably constructed and built to last, the Bass Mafia Large Bait Casket is the ultimate way to keep your fishing supplies secure, safe, and dry.  

Dimensions: 14" X 9" X 2"  

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased my first Bass Mafia box last season & I liked it for the construction & the water tight seals. However, you have to deal with 2 more latches which if you are a nut about time efficiency will set you back a few seconds. About half the season into the use of the box, some of the latches would bend the plastic and make it impossible to lock the box. I would have to take a pliers and bend the notch back flat in order for it to catch. HOWEVER, I noticed a way around that. If you try to lock each latch by pushing the bottom of the latch it will slowly start to bend the plastic, if you try to lock the latch by pressing on the top fold of the latch, it will snap it into place every time cleanly. Not giving enough dividers is a pain, but since you know this, use these boxes for cranks, jerks, top waters that have a lot of treble hooks and hardware that you want to keep rust free.

From: Dan: Maple Grove, MN

Comments: Absolutely love this thing. I like how nice and quiet the snaps are compared to my Plano watertight boxes are. So far I've managed to squeeze 32 crankbaits of various sizes from small lipless to jointed 4" live targets. I use rubber bands to tie the treble hooks together and save on space, and keep these cranks from tangling together. I still have room for another 6 or so baits depending on size. I use another BM box for jigs, inline spinners, spoons & chatterbaits, and the size of the divisions is perfect. Wanna get the big coffin next for my terminal tackle.

From: Franco: Toronto, Ontario Canada 2/23/16

Comments: I have always used Plano boxes to store all my tackle, from hardbaits to soft plastics. I saw these boxes & decided to give one a try. Most comments I have seen say that this box doesn't come with enough dividers which is true, however most standard size Plano dividers fit in the slots giving you the maximum number of slots. I currently own several of these boxes & have had no problems with latches or overall quality of the product.

From: Logan: GA 1/4/16

Comments: Just received mine in the mail. At this time, not overly impressed. For the money these are smaller than a standard Plano 3700, slightly. They also feel less durable. I will give them a season and get back here then with a better review.

From: E: Atwood, IL 1/29/15

Comments: Not impressed!  First of all, the box does not come with enough dividers to insert into every slot.  This is important to me if I am using the box to store which case I divide the entire box into the smallest sections...each one containing a jig.  Couldn't do that with this box if I wanted.  And on top of that, the latches are not effective.  They take entirely to much force to close and pressing hard on the latch often bends the plastic behind it back instead of getting it to latch.  I, for one, will not be buying any more of these!

From: Matt: Troy, OH

Comments: Excellent Box! Well worth the money!

From: Brian: Dallas, TX

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