Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep

The Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep is a serious storage container built for holding your most valued lures and tackle. The extreme durability of the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep makes it waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and virtually indestructible. Designed with large customizable compartments, the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep can hold the super-sized plastics and hardbaits that might not fit in a traditional stowaway.

8-1/2" X 14-1/4" X 4-1/4" 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have 2 shallow boxes & One deep coffin I have jigs in one shallow one & terminal tackle in the other shallow one & all crank baits and top water and frogs & swimbaits in this deep one. I turned about 10 plano boxes into 3 bass mafia coffins. Get some you'll love em


Comments: Super sturdy box but absolutley not worth $35. Low quality dividers & gasket doesn't wrap all the way around. Also I wish the lid went all the way back like planos. Lastly, my sticker in the front is falling off & the box hasn't even left the house yet. Absolutely not worth $35 although this box does have a few advantages: very sturdy, mostly waterproof, good latches & protects baits from the sun

From: John: USA 3/7/16

Comments: Purchase two shallow and one deep boxes and was very impressed with the quality of the boxes. No more small parts slipping under the plastic dividers and was able to consolidate 8 clear plastic tackle boxes into three Bass Mafia boxes. Its a great buy.

From: Paul: Ramsey, MN 2/23/16

Comments: Ultimate box for storing Rat-L-Traps and similar lipless baits or even small square bills. I hang the rear hook from the top and put 1 bait per compartment & store over 40 cranks in the one box! Very sturdy plastic & the latches are firm but not difficult to open. 2 things I would like to see different though: the lid only opens to about 90 degrees and wish it went all the way back & I would like to see a clear version since the opaque colors make it difficult to differentiate colors on dark days.

From: Brad: NE 1/3/16

Comments: The tip of the latches will break after some use. The longer dividers will warp and will not not fit into the slots. The box itself is very durable and is an excellent storage box without the dividers.

From: Stephen: North Charleston, SC 3/28/15

Comments: I ordered a deep and shallow bass cofin. I dont know that you will find a better box in that category on the market.  I was dissappointed in the depth of the 3700 though. My deep cranks dont fit unless I take out a lot of dividers. I will be getting the clear ones next for my worms.  Pricey, but durable would be a fair assessment of them.

From: Thomas: Columbia, SC 7/1/14

Comments: Check out wire2fish video with Jimmy Mason converting this box into a spinnerbait box. I did it with mine and it is awesome

From: Ben: Thomasville, AL

Comments: These bait coffins are solid. I'm glad I bought them. Be sure to put rice or some type of moisture absorment in there cause not only do they keep water out, they'll keep water in too.

From: Brent: Bossier City

Comments: Got my Mafia 3700 deep in today , Not what I had hoped for but it will have to work . It is sealed good but it has not got the room for the price the slots are 1X2X4 deep. A spro fat60 fills one slot tight .It is small squeezed together if you try and use the 48 slots as is . Not worth the 33.99 to me , should come in at $17.99 . But it is the best Crank-bait box ya can get as of yet . They need to be a bit wider , and it kinda stinks not seeing the bait to make a faster pick when looking in it lol Just use to the clear boxes .

From: Kevin: Eastern, KY

Comments: Purchased 2 of the deep coffins and very satisfied.  Out of all the crankbaits I have, only the deep divers didn't fit. I used the other one for topwater plugs under 4" and lipless cranks.  I was able to get rid of 8 regular plano tackletrays for these 2 deep coffins and have some room to spare.

From: Mark: St. Louis

Comments: Awesome box, I use it for a day box and fit almost anything in it, from Musky lures, bass lures, plastic's, line, I throw everything in this for short fishing trips and its super durable. 10 out of 10

From: Top Jimmy: IL

Comments: Got the Bass Mafia Bait COffin Deep as a gift and can't complain about it other then I wish it was a little deeper so I could fit my jerk baits inside of it. Works great for almost any size crankbait or Lipless crank. Want to now get the shallow one so I can transfer all my terminal tackle over.

From: Corey: Novi,Michigan

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