Bass Stalker Jigs are a complete lineup of top quality jigs made right here in the USA. The designer has used real-life fishing situations to make the best jigs around. These jigs are the result of over ten years of experimentation with various head designs, hook styles and skirt materials. What they came up with is a jig that consistently catches fish in a variety of conditions. You won't have any trouble going through rocks, wood or grass; the places where real bass live. The concave Stalker Jig's head stands up better on rocks, gravel, and mud bottoms, helping to slow the fall of the bait. Features include top quality Mustad hooks, rubber and silicon skirts, and tough paint on the heads. These jigs look good and stand up to long hours of fishing.

The Bass Stalker Grass Jig features the same concave bottom but has an extended, tapered nose to get through grass better. The Mustad Wide Bend black nickel hook will hook ‘em and hold ‘em all the way into the boat. This jig offers an extra keeper hook on the shank, this way your plastic trailer won't get torn off in the grass. The Grass Jig is excellent for the swimming technique. It is offered in a wide variety of weights so you can fine the right Bass Stalker Grass Jig for wherever you're fishing.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Very well made jigs, I used them while pitching into flooded bushes and around tree stumps with no snagging issues. Bass will eat this jig with no hesitation! I'm definitely going to order more of these this season.

From: Luke: Brookfield, WI

Comments: Bullet nose and vertical line tie are essential for sliding thru weeds. This is my favorite for hydrilla, millfoil, etc. That round bend Mustad really sticks the tough mouth of hawgs.

From: Tony: North Kingstown, RI

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