The unique concave head design of the Rock Stalker Jig causes it to stick to the lake bottom, transmitting every rock, pebble, stick and weed back to the fisherman. A double seven strand wire weedgaurd helps it travel through other hard bottom areas and weeds without getting hung-up. The tail flips up when any pressure is put on the line, giving it a very lifelike action. The barb bait keeper locks soft plastics in place and features an ultra sharp Gamakatsu hook.

DOES NOT include trailer

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Customer Reviews

Comments: More of a "ledge-shaker" jig...hence the lighter wire weedguard. But an AWESOME's not quite round but not quite a 100% football shape and it has the flat base to really stand up. They used to include the twin tail Kalin's it says "does NOT include trailer" so I assume they stopped. A great bait for that 12-17ft. zone when bass are in transition staging on, or before the summer to fall migration shallow...even summer too, GOOD JIG but I shake and hop it more than a true "draaaggggg" football :)

From: Tanner: Cape Cod, MA

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