Kalin's Spot Stalker Jig Heads 5pk

Snag Proof!! Our field staff has come back with their report on these great heads and they can verify that you can drag them through wood, grass, and rocks and the SPOT Stalker will come through it all. The Spot Stalker Jig is designed with the same Hydro-Dynamically Engineered Concave head that all of Bass Stalker Jigs feature. This custom design is what has made Bass Stalker Jigs the choice of Pro anglers everywhere. The SPOT Stalker is designed for use with soft plastic baits of any size. Finesse worms, tubes, craws, skirted grubs, creature baits and more. The keeper barb on the Spot Stalker is beautifully designed to hold your plastics in place. It is this engineering that makes the "Spot Stalker" the jig that fits the needs of the angler who is hunting big finicky bass where they live. "SPOT Stalker" will allow you to STALK those giants under docks and trees by skipping, or casting under, around and in the heaviest Bass lair.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use these jig heads a lot swimming fat Albert grubs on rocky river shoals. I like the thinner hook. It doesn't require a hard hook set. The weed guard doesn't seem to cause any missed hits. But! It is far from "snag proof." It doesn't hang nearly as much as a naked hook but I would say it's a little worse than a standard multi strand weed guard jig head at getting hung up.

From: Bill: Cookeville, TN 8/5/16

Comments: versatile, no doubt, but get straightened easily

From: Steve: RI

Comments: i tie my own jigs and fish alot of open water and feel like the weed gaurds are in the way on most jig heads. but with this thin weed gaurd i have more confident on hook up ratios and rarely miss fish. but then thing i love most is jigs dont have weights under 1/4oz and with lighter jigheads i can tie a lighter/slow fall/more natural moving jig when the bass are finnicky. cons: NOT SNAG PROOF!!!!

From: Bee: Union City, CA

Comments: Not bad - but it does get hung up. If you use it in a river situation you had better keep swimming it or you will get hung.

From: Tony: Ontario

Comments: Great jig! Works best in rock.

From: Alex: Fairfield, OH

Comments: This is a great lil' jig head, try it with a sting ray grub (1/8oz) and just hop it across a spawning flat. You will catch a lot of small fish but when you hit a big one its big.

From: Sam: La Plata, MD

Comments: great jig for every presentation you can dream of,wiish they had 1/2 an 3/4oz. its perfect from jack highland wi.

Comments: Unbelievable. Can't be happier. When using worms 5.5" and smaller these are unbelievable. No more texas rigging finesse plastics EVER. Works like a darterhead in open water, a pegged texas rig, a football jig, and a shakeyhead ! Reallly it does all these techniques superbly. Best thought out jig I have ever used. The weedguard is sublime. Just bend it to the angle that works best in the type of cover you are fishing. Out far in weeds, in close in mild vegetation, or trim it off in open water. I fished it in crystal clear open water with HIGHLY pressured fish and left the weedguard on and they still hit it like crazy. The weedguard is way less intrusive than a brush style guard, and the hook-up ratio was awesome. The super sticky Mustad points are nice to. Another nice thing about using it with finesse worms is using as a swim jig - then letting it fall to the bottom on rocks or beds mid-retrieve and using it as a stand-up shaky-head. If no takers, continue your retrieve as a swim-jig. A perfect 10. Buying 30 more in case they discontinue this exact style...Make sure you get it in different weights - but definitely get the 1/16 for finesse.

Comments: Great product, fished these jig heads for the last couple of days on the local river with no problems. Limbs, grass, rock, you name it. Very impressed, good brush guard, caught lots of fish.

From: Justin: Indianapolis, IN

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