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Bass: The Movie takes an interesting look into the world of bass fishing, starting with a little on the history and evolution of the sport, and then shifting the focus out West to California with conventional bass fishing pros sharing the same boat as fly-rod pros in search of one thing - largemouth bass. Traveling back and forth between one of Southern California's big bass havens, Lake Casitas, and Northern California's fabled Delta region, fly-rod pro John Sherman meets up with a group of anglers as varied as the waters they visit.

Including the likes of fly-rod world-record holder Larry Kurosaki, Delta bass pro and guide Bobby Barrack, Delta fly-rod pro and guide Kevin Doran, and SoCal guide and bass pro Mark Mitrany, the crew hooks into some quality fish, sharing tactics, stories, secrets and a brand new look at the sport along the way. Beginning with George Perry's world-record bass in 1932 through modern day with pro bass anglers like VanDam, Monroe and Iaconelli, the passion for fishing and catching trophy bass has taken many forms, but in many ways it remains the same. A Two-Disc Set - the second disc includes special features, as well as, a truly candid lifetime retrospective interview with Bill Dance.

Please Note - Bass: The Movie DISC 1 requires user to hit PLAY during opening aerial scene, title appears over scene for 23 seconds and will repeat until user hits PLAY.

Customer Reviews

Comments: It's mainly FLY FISHING....

From: Orange, CA

Comments: Great video! Just alittle to much fly stuff for my taste. I love watching the cool insider stuff and seeing Topwater SLAMS and all that good stuff. Love the film tho

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: it is a great movie if you are interested in fly fishing for bass. It provides a unique way of fishing in California with the amazing natural, realistic, subtle approach. This movie also provides fantastic frog fishing techniques from.one of the best ever. The movie is a little long, but if you really listen to what they actually talk a out, you will become a much better fisherman

From: Hayden: Allentown, PA

Comments: The move does a pretty good job of showing the history of Bass fishing and some of the current records.  It was interesting watching the fly fishing fellow fish against the traditional rod and reel guy.  The movie really did jump around a bit and I would have to say the move is overpriced at $20.00.  At $29.99 it just isn't the bag for the buck one would expect. 

From: Rod: Iowa, USA

Comments:I liked this movie, but I didn't think it was worth the thirty bucks. I actually started to get bored on the movie half ways. Everything started to seem random, and the fishing itself wasn't as much. To much random talking that I didn't understand. It just didn't go in a sequence. One moment they're at castaic lake, the next at the delta.

From:M: Tulare, CA

Comments:I love this movie,it's very entertaining,one of the best!!!

From:Mr. Bond: East Lansing, MI

Comments:Love it! My family thought they were going to be bored. They were not!

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