The Berkley 7" Power Worms are proven performers that can be fished throughout the year in a variety of presentations. The Berkley Power Worm's classic ribbontail design has a natural swimming action when twitched or on the fall. The soft texture, enhanced by the Berkley scent and flavor formula, is irresistible to fish. The Berkley Power Worm is great for flipping and pitching or around deep cover when fish are interested in a larger bait.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is the only curly tail worm you need to know about. I put a couple in my pocket when I go to the bar and I even catch women. Simple but elegant. A must have for anglers.

From: Bassdale: NJ

Comments: I will always have these in my tackle bag. In June 2012 I caught a 7lb. and then a 9lb. Largemouth Bass within 5 minutes of each other from the same spot in a river. I have caught more fish on these than any other single lure I have. I rig them weedless on wide gap hooks with no weight, texas rigged (with weight), carolina rigged and even on a snelled hook with a snap swivel. You really cant go wrong. I find it they last for about 2-3 fish before they get shredded to bits. I may need to pull the trigger on a 100 pack one of these days. Lately Ive been experimenting with colors and anything with purple in it seems to get them going in my area.

From: Eddie: Boston, MA

Comments: By far my favorite curly tail worm. Nothing compares to this, only thing close is the Yum curly tail worms. I have 6 packs of these things, rig them on a 3/0 hook with a 1/8oz weight and its a bass magnet, especially in summer. Fish them deep, shallow, at night, during day, through brush/vegetation, just about any time and it will produce! I guarantee it! Don't be afraid to buy a few packs in different colors, just make sure they are natural colors to the lake your fishing.

From: Dylan: OH

Comments: BEST CURLY TAIL WORM EVER!!!! The only other worm that can compare to the fish catching ability of these worms are senkos. I went out to a small local pond with some 4/0 hooks, a 1/8 ounce weight, some red shad power worms, and a small spinning set-up...WOW...Biggest bass was 6 and a half pounds...

From: Sam: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Texas rig: Wide Cap Hook 2/0 Glass Bread Tungsten Bullet 1/4 or 3/8 once and go fishing. ***Note: Worm to big also half it catches fish

From: Marcel: Duebendorf

Comments: My grandpa is no longer with me anymore but he told me one thing and to always have a pack of Tequila Sunrise with me when i go fishing and I always do. I have a 100 pack. Great baits and they just work. I love this brand so much, I named my dog Berkley!!!! To bad when I take him fishing he can't catch with like this worm does!!!

From: Grant: Auburn, AL

Comments: Texas rigged its deadly. In fall it is my go to bait. June Bug seems to work the best for me. Not the most durable though..

From: Tony: Madison, WI

Comments: great worm went to a pond texas rigged them caught 3 one 8 pounds

Comments: This worm produces like none other! I fish the red shad color texas rigged weightless on a 2/0 or 3/0 hook. I fished it for the first time today on the lake i live on from my kayak and it just kills em. caught a limit of keepers in about 2 hours. trust me, if a 14 year old can kill em on this lure, anyone can. great bait.

From: Mitch: Commerce, MI

Comments: Great night bait! I like senkos during the day though.

From: Kieran: Howell, MI

Comments: this worm straight up catches fish when others wont. idk what it is about it, maybe its the scent, not sure but i catch alot of bass on it texas rigged. 2/0 EWG hook, 3/16 oz bullet weight. every color works but tequila sunrise is really good idk why

From: Kurt: NJ

Comments: I fell in love with these worms very fast. There is a lake i fish reguarly that has crystal clear water and is fished heavily by anglers both on boat and from the shore. The bass are huge and they are so easily seen its rediculous. however nobody can ever catch them. except me !! the powere bait worm in motor oil red flake is the color i use. thses are so good that you dont even need to use florocarbon. the bass dont care !!!

From: David: Lakeland, FL

Comments: i live in del rio texas lake amistad and all i can say is no other bait beats this bait

From: Joey: Del Rio, TX

Comments:  Over the span of two years, this bait has caught me more bass than any other lure/bait out there.  There will be days that I ONLY fish a powerworm and still come out with great results.  The worst fishing trip I've ever had while using a powerworm was when I caught 1 bass that was still under 1lb (MAYBE it was 1lb).  This is a GREAT bait and I would reccomend it for EVERYONE!  It's an almost guaranteed 2-3 fish everytime (maybe more)!

From: Mac: Irmo, SC

Comments: if you worm fish, this is the best one made. the junebug, tequilla sunrise, black and pumpkinseed are my favorite's. the pumpkinseed top's the list. i fish many different lake's and this worm in the color's listed above never fail to catch bass. plastic worm's made by any mfg. will catch fish but none better than these. this worm along with any berkley product is 100% in quality. the scent in unsurpassed as is the molding process. use any worm in for any technique made by berkley and you cannot go wrong. i only wish i had found this out before i bought pound's and pound's of other brand's. robo worm is a great worm also, especially in the morning sunrise color---

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:Great, great bait its rather good for flipping but I normally just fish them texas rigged in open water for bass. I use a 4/0 to 5/0 wide gap hook and perfer the color sour grape. GREAT BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From:Shane: Hinsdale, MA

Comments:This is one of the best worms that I have used. It has great action in the water. I prefer the motor oil and black colors most. Fishing as much as I do, having the option of 100 count bags is a great thing.
From:Dave: Memphis, TN

Comments: One of the best plastic worms on the market.I Texas rig them with either a 1/8th or 1/16th ounce bullet weight and found that pumpkinseed work the best, though black is also good.I have exellent luck with them at night.The power scent is great, when a bass grabs one, it won't let go, I've actually had some try & swallow them.I strictly bass fish and these are the only brand of worms I use.
From: John Brookfield,Wi USA

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