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Berkley Big fish Lip Grip with Digital Scale From the brand that celebrates both tradition and innovation, Berkley’s Classic Tools are designed to offer the angler a wide selection of high-performance products at a great value. Lip grips are a great way to help ensure the health of the fish in catch and release circumstances because handling fish can cause damage to their scales and strip off some of their natural slime coating. Lip grips can also save the angler from being cut or hooked by treble hooks if the fish thrashes around while tying to take the hook out. This model features a built in digital scale for instant weight assessment.

* Corrosion resistant stainless steel 
* Locking jaw for a strong hold 
* Comfortable non-slip grip 
* Works for both freshwater and saltwater 
* Built in digital scale

Comments: love this, really accurate

From: Anthony: oak bluffs ma

Comments: I love lip grips with scales like this.  The Berkley Big Game Lip Grip has become my favorite of the various grips I have tried.  Great for landing toothy critters in both fresh and saltwater, and great for landing bass when they have a mouthful of treble hooks.  Anybody who has ever taken a treble in the hand while trying to land a fish owes it to himself to get one of these.  The scales aren't always accurate and need to be calibrated after purchase.  Buy a few bags of cheap flour and weigh them in a grocery bag with this grip to check the accuracy, do this periodically just to make sure your scale stays accurate.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

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