Berkley Chrome Pliers 6” From the brand that celebrates both tradition and innovation, Berkley’s Classic Tools are designed to offer the angler a wide selection of high-performance products at a great value. Being well equipped while out on the water is critical and a good set of pliers will come in handy more often than not. These durable, 6” chrome pliers are built to last weather you are removing hooks, modifying baits or doing minor engine repair.

* Strong gripping action
* Chrome plated and polished for rust resistance
* Hardened side cutting jaw
* Great for removing hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Yeah they rust. but if youre fishing, theyre going to get wet. what do you expect? they are almost disposable at 5 bucks so just get a new pair when you need one. one tip is just to take off the rubber handles and superglue them back on as they do tend to begin to slide off after slot of use.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: Dont get me wrong-for 5 bucks, they are a great pair of pliers. The problem is that i have owned 3  or 4 pairs. Over time, they will most certainly rust, and the grips will definitely fall off. Do yourself a favor and invest in a better pair.

From: Scott: USA

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