Berkley Cross-Lok Locking Snaps

Berkley Cross-Lok Locking Snaps

When you want to change lures quickly and easily the Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps are the secure way to attach your lures. These plain black snaps are rated for specific line classes and won't let go even under pressure. If you're using only one or two rods and want to change lures quickly, these snaps are for you. If you're the backseater in the boat and can't bring too many rods on board, the Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps will almost be like doubling your rods with the ease and speed you can change lures. These snaps will also allow your lures to swing easier, giving a more natural look.

Size Quantity
1 6
3 5
6 4

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps Size 1 30lb 6pk $1.99 10+
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps Size 3 60lb 5pk $1.99 10+
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps Size 6 100lb 4pk $3.99 10

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use these snaps religiously, especially on my wade trips to the river, because I am not able to take many rods. I have hooked up with a lot of striper (biggest going 11.5lbs) and some strong shoal and spotted bass in the river and these snaps have ALWAYS held up. If you've ever hooked up with a river bass, then you now how much stronger than a lake bass they can be because of the currents they live in. I throw braid on the river, also, and the snaps have no problem handling hard hooksets with the braid. The size 1 work great, but if I'm targeting big fish, I go with the size 3 (rated 60lb).

From: Turkey: North Georgia

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