Berkley continues to be the front runner when it comes to the development of premium fishing line and the invention of Fireline Braid is no exception. Fireline Braid features Radial Construction, which means that the line is not only smooth but round. The round braid allows for longer, smoother casts, as well as, helping to prevent the braid from digging into the spool when tension is applied.

Berkley's Fireline Braid carries on the Fireline characteristics with exceptional strength, sensitivity, and ultrathin diameters that will prove to be beneficial for all braided line situations. With several sizes available in the low visibility moss green color there is certainly a spool of Fireline Braid that will work for you.

Click here to see a video of Norris Clay providing details of Berkley line

Berkley 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 65lb 80lb
Equivalent Mono Diameter 3lb 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 14lb 15lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Horrible line. I had 14lb test Fireline on a Revo SX spinning reel with a 10lb fluoro leader. 1st hook set the braid snapped and not at the knot that connected it to the leader. Retied the Fireline directly to the hook. Next cast had a fish hit. Again line broke on the hook set. Took all the line off and put on some cheap 8lb Stren mono that was a couple of years old and caught fish all day without breaking off and using the same drag setting I had with the Fireline. I was going to go try their Nanofil, but I think I'll stick to Suffix even for my spinning reels.

From: Matt: LA

Comments: Ive been using this line for years.  I've used it for big Canadian muskies and pike. this line can really take a beating from rocks and timber and still be reliable to pull in a big fish.  Its strong enough to pull bass from really heavy cover.  It is casts small bass lures to big muskie lures well.  Great line for the price.

From: Broc: MN/WY

Comments:  I have had a good experience with this braid.  I am using the 50 lb. as the mainline on my reels designated for techniques that call for a lot of power.  I have had the same line spooled up for three years now, and have had no issues at all.  The line is quite smooth (certainly smoother than older, 3-carrier lines), and not too waxy.  Like all braids, save the newer "enhanced body" lines, it will become extremely limp when broken in, so loops can be an issue with a stop-and-go retrieve.  However, I palm my reels such that my forefinger and thumb pinch the line (always have), so I haven't had an issue with loops on the spool - just a few fouled hooks when walking topwaters with no leader. As I have mentioned, the line has been spooled up for a few years now, and is still going strong.  I don't fish rocks too often, so there is no apparent fraying, and I have yet to experience a break - despite pulling in the occasional log-sized snag (oops).  I can't say the same about Daiwa's Samurai Braid, which seems quite similar, but has left me with a couple of mid-cast breaks, and a couple of lost lures. If you need a durable, smooth braid, you can't go wrong with this.  Also note that, as with all braid, it is very slick.  An couple of extra twists, or a dab of superglue will ensure your knots hold tightly.  For leaders, I have had great luck with the Alberto knot.

From: Ron: Ohio

Comments: This braid is great. Fireline has never let me down in years of using it. Have 8lb on my spinning reel and use a fluoro leader. This line has excellent knot strength, and doesn't slip. It doesn't bunch up and twist when tying knots like the albright. All around this line is awesome.

From: Austin: St. Louis, MO

Comments: love it this is my online braided line i use

From: B: NC

Comments: it comes of the spool really easily and feels nice.

From: Clay: IA, USA

Comments: My braid of choice!, in 65 lb, for topwater frog fishing for bass. Simply an amazing braid - easily replaced both Sufix Performance Braid & Powerpro for me... Those fade quickly, flatten out, dig, & don't cast near as far as the fireline. I experimented with the 50 lb Sufix Performance Braid, for casting distance, compared to the 65 lb fireline I was stepping up to (& worried I'd lose distance with the larger diameter....). The fireline sails off the spool much further even with the larger diameter - 55 yards with a little breeze behind me. This string is round & kind of slick, having enough substance to control the cast better. It was amazing the feel of how it casts, when I was so used to the other. I actually giggled... Been using that same spool for several weeks now pulling bass out of the slop, & works like the day I spooled it & I haven't had to color with a black marker either...  High quality product in my opinion.

From: Mark: Gardner, KS

Comments: My favourite. Used to like Sufix 832. But not anymore. This line suit me better.

From: Julio: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Comments: Probably the only time I have been a bit disappointed by a Berkley line. Very strong very smooth. Not very good on a spinning reels, it gets wind knots and tends to not sit well on the spool. With the baitcaseter outfit it is good but again it does tend get wind knots and could be me but seems to wrap around the tip of my rod during slower presentations.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

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