Fireline from Berkley is billed as the strongest, easiest to cast superline on the market. Fireline really lives up to its reputation. Unlike braided superlines, Berkley Fireline utilizes dozens of strands of Micro-Dyneema Spectra fibers that aren't braided so the texture is smooth and it comes off the reel easier.

Fireline is perfect for casting and spinning reels and will not get the twist mono will after a hard day's use on a spinning reel. Fireline has virtually no stretch for ultimate sensitivity and hooksetting power under all conditions. The thin diameters (less than half the diameter of same strength mono) allow lures to reach deeper depths and cast farther since there is less friction on the spool rim and guides. Fireline is also more abrasion resistant than braided superlines and will stand up to the toughest fish and harshest conditions. In short, Fireline can take as much abuse as you can dish out and still bring in the fish.

Berkley 8lb 10lb 14lb 20lb
Millimeters .18 .20 .23 .30
Inches .007 .008 .009 .012
Equivalent Mono Diameter 3lb 4lb 6lb 8lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First time user of the fire line always used spider wire and thought id give it a try... After 14 hours of fishing walleye with 8# test still not problem to accidentally hook up with a 21# carp and bring it in no problem.  I will be switching all my set ups with fire line!!!!

From: Cody: Wyoming, Iowa USA

Comments: Long time user of fireline here since they first came out.  I've use both the black and green 10#, 14#, 20#, did not have any problem with them.  Strength: no memory in spinning spool, very sensitive, strong, thin in diameter, and cast far. Weakness:  fray/get worn out somewhat easily and doesn't last too many fishing trip.  You might want to re-spool to take advantage of the other newer end to keep your line strength in check.  IMO, quite possibly the best line for spinning reel.  Anyhow, as far as the crystal (white) fireline is concern... I will try to AVOID them.  They are not as durable as the original (black or green) version for some reason.  Some people said they are supposedly manufacture the same way and all, but they sure don't last nearly as long.  After two round of fishing trip, on my third one i noticed they were splitting into 4 or more strands.  I can't even tie the knot properly cause I'm having problem putting it through the hole to tighten knot down (using the trilene knot).  It just so happen I also got the original at the same time... they didn't have the splitting problem.  They got a little worn but still in tact and didn't have the "split" problem.  Also heard some people say fireline is not what it used to be... who knows... maybe they are getting cheap and cutting corners.  Still... would recommend the original and the green, just avoid the crystal if possible.

From: Haze: CA

Comments: I was very skeptical about trying this line since I use sunline for all my setups and it hasn't let me down. This line allowed me to make good casts with my spinning outfit with the confidence of 14# line. I put it through 5 hours of punishment, caught a ton of fish without retying and it held like a champ. Good job Trilene.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: This line (crystal) works great for me on spinning, holds a good knot, strong and reliable etc..its better then most braided line I have used..the only problem with it is it will fraid after a lot of use, which interm its well worth it by then (if ure catchin fish)..if u know how to reverse use the line its a plus..I recommend upgraded equipment for this line..its works flawlessly for me..

From: c: Det. MI

Comments: Used 14lb Crystal it sucked i keep breaking off in the middle of my line no where near the knot 832 ALL THE WAY dump this stuff in the trash

Comments: i love this line it is so strong that when it gets stuck on a rock or on a floating branch in the water instead of the line breaking it bends my hook when i retrieve it this is my best line ever.

From: Moey: Chicago, USA

Comments: I have been using fireline for about 2years now and it is an awesome line. I mainly use it on my spinning gear. It has excellent abrasion Resistance, casting is also great on spinning reels and it is easy to manage. It will also last a long time. Like Brian said the smoke color will fade out but it still holds it strength.  Spool up some 14 or 20 pound test on your spinning reel and add on a 3 to 4 foot fluorocarbon leader and you have an awesome low vis, no stretch line.    

From: Josh: Tennessee, USA

Comments: I use mostly spinning gear and this stuff is amazing. It may discolor over time but man in heavy stuff or ripping a bait through cover tough to beat imo. Plus it lasts as you can peel it off and rewind in the opposite direction to get even more mileage out of a spool. Not a fan of the crystal as much as the grey. My biggest drawback would be tough to see the line for line watching situations.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

Comments:I was having trouble keeping fish hooked up using a fluke with fluorocarbon 8 lb on a spinning outfit. The Pro comments suggested that Fireline Crystal was the answer. Even using a swivel and leader the Crystal "balled up" coming off the spool. It is NOT the answer for me!

From:Allan: Estill Springs, TN

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