Designed by finesse fishing master and Bassmaster Classic Champion, Michael Iaconelli, the Berkley Gripper Ike’s Finesse Jig features a flat head design that allows it to stand upright on the floor bottom - and also helps it produce killer shaking and rocking actions. A triple coned, double barbed bait keeper also makes sure your trailer stays secure, and a light-wire, round bend, super sharp hook sticks and grips fish for more positive hooksets. Available in several proven color combinations, the Berkley Gripper Ike’s Finesse Jig offers a sure grip, so your bait won’t slip.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these guys works!

From: B: NC

Comments: Great jig! my go to jig! Bass hate that face! lol

From: Leng: AR

Comments: I Love this jig Plain and simple!I have many other brands in my jig box even some custom hand tied ones but i typically always find myself reaching for these.I love the head design of them which allows me to create a nice back and Forth rocking action .I had my best day fishing in years the other day using these.For the price of these jigs i do not think they can be beat. (I desperately wish Berkley would Release some new colors or Even some Tackle warehouse custom colors) .

From: Chris: KY

Comments: This jig is great!!! I have two sizes in each color. In my opinion pumpkinseed is the best. Throw a chigger craw that matches and you wont be sorry.

From: Nic: Ohio

Comments: I am no Jig expert as this is the first year i have fished jig's but thought i would give these a shot as the price was hard to pass up.Really nice jib,Love the head design,Line tie and eyes.Fished with them today in the 3/8th size  after a cold front and they ate it up.Fairly snag resistant little softer weed guard than most but still only got snagged a few times. Overall i would recommend them for the price and if you want a more streamlined jig take the rubber skirt off and fish as a finesse jig or take the finesse skirt off plenty of options

Comments: great jig awesome on double drop shot as weight

From: Michael

Comments: this is my favorite finesse jig of all time

From: Jordan: Longview, WA

Comments: I've been a fan of Ike throughout his career.  Nobody works harder than this guy and after attending some of his seminars and hearing his spill on the jig I bought some.  Green Pumpkin around here for the deep clear water.  I was disappointed with the jig collars but they fixed that along with a stouter hook.  If you know anything about jig fishing you know that most of the time a jig needs a little doctoring up out of the pack.   There are countless ways to trim your skirts depending on the forage you are trying to imitate.  I am a fanatic about this jig and it has won me money in all seasons and conditions.  For finiky clear water spots or smallies take the skirt off with just the rubber one and adorn a four inch senko.  You will absolutly wear them out...yes...big ones too...

From: Josh: Pickens, SC

Comments: I caught a bass on this thing the first day i used it.. It was a 4.5 pounder i caught flipping a boat dock. Then the nnext time i used it i lost it and it was the saddest moment of my life because this thing was so good!

From: Trevor: San Diego, CA

Comments: these jigs really do catch fish. although the light wire hooks shouldn't be used with braid cause they will straighten. i'm also glad to see the skirt collars are better on these than the old ones, which would fall apart quickly. an interesting fact after the skirts fell off, i found that the finesse part of the skirts, which are tied on, not rubber banded work as well alone without the second section of removeable skirt. if a smaller profile is on the lunch menu for the day take the removeable skirt off. fish them with lighter line, a twin tail or chunk and you will not be dissapointed.

From: Aaron: NY

Comments: Great bait went out never really used a jig before and caught three nice smallies very skepticle at first but them realized how good they work absolutly amazing bait pair them with a berkley havoc pit boss as a trailer and watch your lines.

From: Spokane, WA

Comments: Picked one up at bass pro, and all i can say is that it looks good, but i dont like the skirt... its to thick

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