The Berkley Gripper Jay’s Flipping Jig was designed by veteran professional bass angler and Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jay Yelas. Ideal for stained water conditions, it features a new brass tube rattle that is louder and creates more vibration than ever before. A triple coned, double barbed bait keeper also makes sure your trailer stays secure, and a heavy wire, extra sharp hook is ideal for pulling big fish out of heavy cover. Available in several proven color combinations, the Berkley Gripper Jay’s Flipping Jig offers a sure grip, so your bait won’t slip.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great jig  I love the eye tie. This jig rattles loud and catches big bass in combination with a good trailer. good hook but does hang easily like all good jigs do. personal best on this jig was a 25' bass caught in a cypress lake in Louisiana. Never had any trouble other than hanging up.

Comments: terrible hooks and the weed guards fell out after 20 minutes of fishing.

From: Weston: Orem, Utah

Comments: Weakest hooks I have ever used on any lure.

From: Travis: TN

Comments: awesome! nuff said

From: Hank: Sacramento

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