The Goby is quickly becoming a key forage for bass in many parts of North America. The Berkley scientists weren't far behind in creating the Berkley Gulp Alive 4" Goby with Berkley's most advanced Gulp technology. The 4" Goby comes floating in a "Magic Gravy" 18 oz. livewell, enabling you to recharge your baits by putting them back in the container. The Gulp Alive baits absorb 20% more Gulp scent and attractant than the 1st generation baits. They also have a 34% better swimming action than the original Gulp. Fish them on a jig head or by nose hooking them on a drop shot rig, the Berkley Gulp Alive 4" Goby looks, smells and even tastes like the real thing.

Click here to see a video of Luke Lundit providing details of Berkley baits

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Comments: Caught my biggest large mouth to date on one of these.  It was a bad cast, or so I thought, that shot right along the bank about a foot off in less then a foot of water.  I had it on a shakey head jig.  Started working it back and BAM a big ole' 3 pounder killed it.  Remember, this is PA bass fishing, not Florida, so a 3 pounder is pretty decent for a small beaver pond.  Caught a ton of fish with my golby last season.

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