Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade 0.5oz - $2.99

Both fresh and saltwater anglers have long been depending on the effectiveness of Berkley’s Gulp Alive formula to put fish in the boat. Now, with Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade anglers can use the highly effective Gulp flavoring to turn ordinary non-scented baits into fish-catching machines.

Incredibly potent, the Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade ensures a zesty and appetizing flavor with only a few drops. Berkley suggests applying the Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade to plastics the night before a fishing trip to give them maximum long-lasting effectiveness.

To gain an edge in your local waters, try mixing-and-matching flavors together to really get things cooking. Also, the Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade is a great way to breathe life back into plastics that have been sitting in storage. Give your baits a boost with the highly concentrated flavor of the Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade.

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Berkley Gulp Alive Marinade 0.5oz

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