The goby has fast become a favorite forage for bass in many lakes and rivers throughout the country. Berkley scientist have worked hard to develop a bait that will meet the demands that anglers have when gobys are a food source. The 4" Gulp Goby is the size and shape of the real thing and with the Gulp scent captured in every bait, it is simply irresistible to bass. The soft natural texture of the Berkley Goby helps insure that the fish will hold onto the baits longer when battling rough water situations. The 4" Gulp Goby can be effectively fished by nose hooking them on a dropshot rig or on a jighead. When gobys are part of the food chain you better have the 4" Gulp Goby as part of your arsenal.

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Thats true! Thats's an excellent smallmouth bait, use it anywhere from rivers to lakes. retrieve it at regular speed by giving a few twitch on the rod. only problem is that they are hard to rig.

From: Victor: Canada

Comments: i have got sooooo many smallies on this lure. by far my favorite color is smelt ... highly recomend this bait to anyone

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