Berkley Havoc Bobby Lane's 4" Craw Fatty 8pk

Berkley Havoc Bobby Lane's 4

Pro designed to help you catch more bass, Berkley is releasing their brand new line-up of Havoc baits to coincide with 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Loisiana Delta.

The Berkley Havoc Lane’s Craw Fatty - measuring in at 4" - was designed by top Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro and flipping master, Bobby Lane. It features a fatter body for a bigger profile, which means it also attracts bigger bass. Extremely versatile as well, you can flip it, Texas-rig it, or put it on a jighead.

"The Craw Fatty has bigger ribs and a wider body to increase action and trigger more bites, and the thinner design in the body will result in flawless hook sets. You can flip it, pitch it, punch it, rig it on a jig, Texas-rig it, or Carolina-rig it." - Bobby Lane

Length Quantity
4" 8

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14 Colors

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    Model No. 1323150
    Green Pumpkin Green and Purple
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    Model No. 1323151
    Purple Pumpkin Red
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    Model No. 1239716
    Black Blue Flake
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    Model No. 1239717
    Black Red Flake
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    Model No. 1239718
    Black-Blue Silver Fleck
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    Model No. 1240099
    Green Pumpkin
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    Model No. 1240100
    Green Pumpkin Blue
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    Model No. 1240101
    Grn Pumpkin Red Flake
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    Model No. 1257622
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    Model No. 1240102
    Louisisana Bug
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    Model No. 1240103
    Okeechobee Craw
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    Model No. 1240104
    Smoky Green Pumpkin
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    Model No. 1240105
    Watermelon Candy
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    Model No. 1257621
    Watermelon Red
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Customer Reviews

Comments:  I started using this bait in early summer last year. I was sceptical at first cause I have never tried a bait like this one. I was astounded by the fish it attracted I couldn't throw this thing 5 times without at least getting a bite. I have caught a numerous amount of bass and northeren pike on this bait. It straight up catches fish I deffinetly recommend using this bait!

From: Lukkes: WI 4/7/16

Comments: These baits are great!! I fish them Texas rigged with a bullet weight. The best colors in my opinion are red black flake and watermelon candy. Just drag these on the bottom and u will catch fish.

From: Grant: Oshkosh, WI 8/11/15

Comments: What a awesome bait! One of the best craw style baits I've ever used. When these are in the water as a jig trailer, the claws flare up and out and it looks like a defensive craw, it looks really realistic.

From: Andrew: VA 11/27/14

Comments: this bait has produced all year for me, from opening day on jig trailers to texas rigging it this baits produced. the action is great and couldn't be a better or more vercitial bait.

From: Schmacker: USA 10/11/14

Comments: Great alternative to the biffle bug. Rig it on a hardhead and its game on. The only negative is that the claws tear off easily, but that is a flaw for the entire "flapping claw" genre. Great fish catching bait as a jig trailer as well.

From: Billy: Washougal, WA 8/9/14

Comments: This is the best craw bait on the market. The wider body gives it a large profile in the water that will get you some big bites. The slim body allows you to get flawless hook up's and it comes in all the great colors you need. The only problem with the bait is the nose were you put the hook in is almost to thin so it rips on the first fish you catch. If you are going to get these make sure you buy in bulk because your going to go through a lot. This is by far one of my confidence baits.

From: Joe: CA

Comments: Hands down. BEST flippin/pitchin bait ever created. Berkley and Bobby Lane nailed it with this one. My favorite color is the green pumpkin blue flake. This thing is a Bass magnet.

From: Gary: PA

Comments: Best Flippin/Pitchin Bait EVER made! Please dont ever stop carrying these! I LOVE the Green Pumpkin Blue Flake. 

From: GR: PA

Comments: Great craw for a jig trailer or flipped T-rigged into any type of cover. Presents a big profile, but the thin body gives a lot of room for hooks to penetrate the big girls bony jaws. The claws don't flap wildly, but they "wave" and shake very well for when the fish are tucked in tight and wary to come out and play. Blk/Blue is my go to for dirty water and grn pmpkn works well in stained/clear. And at $3 a pack, you won't go broke.

From: AJ: Whitehouse Station, NJ

Comments: This is one of the best craws I have ever used. I have a lot of craws but whenever I need a bite I go to this bait in the black blue fleck. One of the big advantages is the hook set. You don't have to set the hook as hard because it has a thin body. Great price and great bait.

Comments: Really like these fatty's the only complaint is the packaging. I got my pack and the claws were all crimped and one claw was completey off

Comments: The action on this bait is great, but the claws fall off so easily. i went through 5 baits before i got a bite. they fall off from just casting and when i opened my pack, there was already a claw off. if you decide to fish these, buy a bulk quantity because youll find yourself switching them out every 10 minutes.

From: Bryce: Orange County, CA

Comments: I recentently tried these out on a local bass lake and it looks great in the water. I caught a few 2-3 pound bass on it. My only complaint is that I had pickerel rip the claws off.

From: Taylor: Vermont

Comments: Awesome bait my favs r black/blue,black/red,and watermelon candy for sight fishing and punching and surprisingly skips like a dream!!! hope this helps

From: John: KY

Comments: These are the best craws baits I have used so far, perfect for bed fishing.  I go through about 2-3 packs every time on the water.  Only down side is the claws rip off easily, if a pan fish grabs the claw its gone.  Berkley needs to make the claws a little thicker so they dont rip as easily. 

From: James: NH

Comments: I love this bait. its great for flipping and pitching wood,seawalls,rocks everything this lure has bulk action and has good weight and its very durable too ive caught many bass on this bait.

Comments: Great trailer for a flippin jig

From: Bo: McLean, OK

Comments: I love this bait, I got it in black blue flake recently and it has great action and works very well as a jig trailer

From: Joe: NY

Comments: Great Product! Great trailers as well and the flat body design gives then a sertian flaping action when twitched if Texas Rigging it! 9/10 only complaint is that it falls apart after thre or four fish.

From: Samuel: Crystal, MN

Comments: Great jig trailers, and flipping baits.They are very durable and will last all day with one or two. Claws give out great vibration. You will get some monsters with these.

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: I tossed this for the first time on a 3/4oz punching set up. Lure was very durable as  I caught 8 fish on just 2 lures. On this day this lure out fished my buddy's brush hog. He said the size difference was probally the bigest factor and though I can agree with that I would say the action played a part as well.

From: Brian: Quincy, MA

Comments: This is a great craw! i like it because it is a different profile than your chigger craw,paca craw ...etc it has a wide thin body and a little bit smaller pincers. Great change up from your standard craws

From: Matt: MN

Comments: cought a fish on this thing in 5 mins of fishing it

From: Patrick: NC

Comments: Great bait. Comes through heavy cover very well

From: Don: Michigan

Comments: great bait. caught a lot of fish on the black and blue on a local lake. will be buying more.

From: WI

Comments: Not much scent. I actually dont think it has any. Thats cool though, the package doesnt say anything about scent anyways. I pitch these and have been catching fish on them form day one. I do black/red flake.

From: Meatwad: Out of crawskis

Comments: Still haven't caught a fish on this bait yet but it has great action. The bass where I fish just don't like it for some reason. Definitely wouldn't try to persuade someone not to buy it though as I'm sure it's working for most folks.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: I threw this bait while fishing a nice lil bed fish. He was quite the fiesty lil bugger and was pullin all the craws off mine and my buddys baits. We proclaimed this fish as "The Craw Burglar." This bait unfortunately fell victim to the fish. Went through two of these baits and didnt get the fish. Finally stuck him on the sweeeeeett beaver. But i still like this bait!

From: Joshua: Menifee, CA

Comments: extremely durable have great action this is one of my favorite craws

From: Geren: Kansas City, MO

Comments: Great looking lure, saw it at the northwest sports show. fish bit it and held on until the showman noticed and yanked it from his mouth.

From: Erik

Comments: It is definitely very durable but it's a shame it doesn't have any scent.

From: Daniel: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Excellent Bait. Will be buying more. Has action similar to a Pacacraw

From: Skye: Virginia

Comments: these are the best craw ive used! i caught a 6 first cast! there very durable and great colors

From: Payton: Newnan, GA

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