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Berkley Havoc Ike's 4" Back Slide 5pk - $2.99

When you’re fishing around tough-to-reach spots, the Berkley Havoc Ike’s 4” Back Slide delivers a unique action that allows you to get where other baits can’t. The Berkely Havoc Ike’s 4” Back Slide is a french-fry style bait that glides backwards on the descent so you can easily slip underneath tree over-hangs, bushes, and docks. The secret behind the Berkley Havoc Ike’s 4” Back Slides motion is its dual density construction, which makes it lighter in the front half and heavier at the rear. Incredibly effective in areas with spawning or guarding fry, the Berkley Havoc Ike’s 4” Back Slide also features appendages along the body that give it a slight flailing action and accentuates the baits natural quiver.

“If you like finesse fishing, and if you want a bait for finicky, clear water fish ­– try the new Berkley Havoc Back Slide. You’re going to put more fish in the boat.”  –Bassmaster Classic champion and professional angler, Mike Ianconelli

Length Quantity
4" 5

Comments: Very fragile, kind of expensive (you only get 5 for $2.99 instead of 8-10 like other Havoc baits) BUT they work. 10 lb. braid, 8lb fluoro. leader, 1/0 light wire worm hook, and spinning gear = backwards glide = bass in the boat. They have been working well for me in clear water, under boat docks/pontoon boats.

From: Basswipe: USA 6/19/14

Comments: Just to clarify to some of the previous comments - Ike says himself to use a 1/0-2/0 hook and light line (specifically 8lbs) in order to get the intended backslide.

From: BigSCruz33: Greensboro, NC

Comments: Good finesse bait, but doesn't glide backward as advertised. It's more like it sinks very slowly somewhat backward.
Need to add a nail weight to get the action as advertised. Honestly, I prefer just doing that to a Wave Worm Pro Soft (my favorite stickbait). Nothing overly unique about this lure.

From: K.G.

Comments: Just caught a 7lb LM on a dropshot doing nothing

From: Zack

Comments: Use a light hook (I was fishing a #1 EWG) and they do glide backwards very slowly, and catch fish in the process.

From: Clayton: Gardner, KS

Comments:  I was excited when these came out.  really wanted a lrger french fry type bait for around docks.  Tried them out on 10 pound Fireline with a 10 pound flouro leader and 2/0 light wire hook.  It didn't glide back as advertised.  It suspended and sank like a senko.  It is to light in the rear.  Need to add weight.  Also not very durable.  One fish and done, or if skipping under docks it tears up easily.  I'd say a dud, but I am going to try it on light flouro and am going to add some weight to the tail.

From: Steve: Austin, TX, USA

Comments: this is one of those baits I saw in bass pro and just had to have. I put this on a wacky rig just having fun with it and immediately started getting hits. The legs gave a little twitching that drew up fish from way deep. Definitely will be loading up on this bait. Berkley havoc scores again!!

From: Caleb: Grandview, TX, USA

Comments: I caught 15 on my first outing with them.  The action is as advertised, it's hard to feel the initial strike when the bait is falling backwards on slack line, but fish don't let go, and hookup ratio was very high on a 2/0 ewg.  I just wish there were more in a pack... 5 baits for 3 bucks is pretty expensive for a bait with marginal durability.

From: Ryan: Phoenix, Az USA

Comments: Used this plastic with a 2/0 lightwire EWG And is does not slide back at all. But it has an action Like a zoom fluke when fished weightless so I can't complain.

From: Danny: Long Island NY

Comments: 8 pound fluro.  2/0 light wire hook and the bait glides backwards.  Hooked into a 5 pounder with it.  worked great.  green pump.

From: Paul: Have De Grace, MD

Comments: This bait catches fish there is no doubt but for a bait that only comes with 5 in a pack I would hope for a little more durability out of it.

From: Zach: NC

Comments: This thing works as advertised.  I caught some nice ones my first time out but its application will be limited.  A few things to note  are this bait is VERY light and can't handle a large hook (only a 1/0 or 2/0 at most). Any bigger kills the back sliding action.  Same goes for line anything more than 10lb test (6 or 8 is better) and its difficult to skip under docks.  Like I said, it works but its so light you really can only use it for skipping when the water is flat and there is no wind.

From: NJ

Comments: Fishing this on 8lb Fluoro with a 1/0 EWG hook, the back slide did not work for me at all. The bait seemed almost neutrally buoyant, and it definitely did not move backwards on a slack line. I will attempt fishing it again, but it looks like this bait might be a dud.

From: Charles: Scranton, PA

Comments: This is a really cool little bait. On a lake known for having finicky fish, I went out and would catch 2 fish at a time. With this bad boy, I caught 9 in an hour throwing it in front of docks and letting it slide under. Durability is fair, about 3 fish per. Cucumber and cotton candy kills in clear water.

From: Alex: Lake Keowee, SC

Comments: Got a few of these pre-release and casted them around on a local lake. They glide backwards, which isn't the first bait to do that, but still pretty cool. Caught a few bass as well. Pretty solid bait, I could see it doing well in the spawn

Comments: They sink way to slow and really dont have a pronounced backwards glide. they catch fish, but your better off using a nail weight in a senko. a good little bait for a wacky jig head however

From: James: Lake Minnetonka, MN

Comments: Only five to a pack but they seem pretty durable and on a lightwire hook they do actually slowly glide backwards. Great gob ike!

From: Alex: lambsburg, va, US

Comments: These baits are phenomenal. I had the pleasure of receiving them well before they went on sale and I have had great success. I actually now own a spinning combo (I only use casting gear) so that I can fish this bait. They are incredible around docks and overhanging bushes. You need to use this bait. One of the best Havoc Baits to date. A very unique bait! Berkley nailed it with this one!

From: Gary: PA

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Berkley Havoc Ike's 4

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