Berkley Havoc Ike's Smash Tube 4" 6pk

Designed by Bassmaster Classic champ and AOY winner, Mike Iaconelli, the Berkley Havoc Smash Tube is no ordinary tube. It features a flatter (smashed) body that allows it to glide erratically on the fall, and also facilitates easier hook penetration. The fatter tentacles create increased water displacement as well. Available in a range of colors, including dual colors, the Berkley Havoc Smash Tube can be fished in a variety of ways.

Havoc baits are designed by the pros with the best shapes, actions and colors bass love. Make Havoc your go-to bait when bragging rights are on the line ... Havoc Baits. Unleash the Action!

"With the new Havoc Smash Tube, we wanted to create a tube that would fall and glide erratically on every cast, could be fished in both heavy cover and open water situations, and have all kinds of unique 2-color patterns. The flatter (smashed) body makes it easier for hook penetration and the fatter tentacles deliver increased water displacement. Destroy your competition and catch more fish with the new Smash Tube!" - Mike Iaconelli, Bassmaster Elite Series pro.

Length Quantity
4" 6

15 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome presentation love the colors works for multiple species especially lake trout with the snow white color, keep it up Berkley!

From: Brandon: Plover, WI 1/16/16

Comments: Great as a trailer or fished around grass edges on a jig head. Also, used them on a drop shot to catch smallies, worked extremely well. Highly recommended.

From: Jake: MD 8/10/15

Comments: i use tubes for smalleys but I'm hoping these tubes wont be to big these tubes are more than 4inches by far

From: Derick: McVeytown, PA 2/14/15

Comments: Salt comes off after 1 time in the water so I dont know why it matters if there is salt or not.... but i like the colours of the baits..with a tube jig the head gets big and they look like a goby

From: Jemeekwa: Compton, CA 2/27/14

Comments: To Tyler, NC: I like to use a pegged 1/8oz - 3/8oz bullet depending on the depth I'm fishing along with a 4/0 TroKar swimbait hook. Sometimes I'll add a red bead before the bullet and leave it unpegged for some clacking sound. May,2013.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

Comments: absolutely AWESOME tubes but you do need to take the time to separate or pull-apart each "tentacle" as they are not cut super cleanly through probably due to the double-pour thick colors. But they just catch fish. My fav tubes along w/ Dry Creeks which are the same thing essentially...I like the slightly "oval" or "smashed" shape of these.

From: Tanner: S.E., Massachusetts

Comments: These look sweet and love the colors. what would be the best way to fish them? I was think 3/8oz tungsten bullet pegged with a tube hook or ewg.

From: Tyler: NC

Comments: wow speak of the devil! New Colors= sick.  Best tube just got better.  going to absolutely smash em!

From: GB: smallie and largie ville usa

Comments: smashed em! great tube great colors but would like to see something in a white color.  love the two tone coloring in the tentacles.

From: gb: smallie and largie ville, usa

Comments: For price UNBEATABLE first cast boom 13.8 pound largemouth not good on durability but grab a few packs anyway

From: John: CA

Comments: I really was not impressed by this tube. I was excited to receive them; but when they came in they were HUGE. Not sure where they get a measurement of a 4" tube; they actually measured over 5" from one end to the other. I ended up giving these away as they are too large for where I fish. I love tubes in the 3-1/2 to 4" size; I couldnt even find a jighead with a large enough hook for these. I ordered a 1/8 oz tube jig with a 4/0 hook and even that was just too small. With the tube being so large I couldnt even slide the lead up far enough in the tube. I LOVE Havoc baits; but this is one I will not be buying again. Had I know they were actually 5" long I would not have ordered. So please be aware before ordering that they are 5" long; not 4". I can say though' that they WERE loaded with salt. If they were 4" I would buy a ton of these. 

From: Gary: PA

Comments: these tubes are pretty sweet...loaded with salt with a great profile tentacles do stick together but all u gotta do is break them apart the first use then your rolling.  <

From: Kev: Keystone

Comments: I do not fish tubes a lot, but decided to pick some up. I took them to my first tournament of the year and was digging around trying to find some Yum Dingers and found these. Rigged it Texas rigged with the hook the hook a little off center. On the first flip one smoked it on the fall. I like them and I am going to be buying some more. Mine were also loaded with salt. It was a great spiral wobbling action rigged off-center.

From: Joesph: IL

Comments: My baits were loaded with salt. Literally from tip to tentacles. Good action fish like the fall rigged on a stupid head!

From: Tyler: East Coast

Comments: I had my doubts about this tube with there being no salt and not much scent.  I used the norm blue today and they actually worked pretty awesome! It seemed to hold up very well after catching many fish and had good sporadic action.

From: Hunter: North Platte, NE

Comments: Absolute garbage.  Berkley better hire some more qualified QC people.  The legs are just stuck together.  JUNK

From: Brett: IL

Comments: Havoc sucessfully made another turd bait...I will never buy another havoc bait.....before you waste your money on these.....just rig up a thick piece of is the same as fishing this bait!

From: Jordan: Indiana

Comments: There is no salt or scent on any of the havoc line of baits. The plastic smell can be eliminated or masked by any fish attractant or garlic or coffee. Add your own salt. Hell, add garlic salt if you want. But it doesnt come standard.

Comments: I'm going to have to contact Berkley.  I bought 2 bags from tacklewarehouse and i dont have salt in either bags. 

From: Ryan: PA

Comments: covered in salt, holds up well, but other than that nothing, tentacles are stuck together, and don't spread out in the water, just stick together. thought more from ike, its a shame because the pitboss, and devils spear are great

Comments: Awful. Will not buy again. Tentecals were not even seperated from the body, just 6 big legs. Also, not scent on the baits. It smells strongly of plastic. Its not like other Havoc baits because some of them work really well.

From: Connor: Ohio

Comments: the other havoc baits don't have any sent or salt or anything, but these tubes are covered in salt, like most tubes are. And the flatter shape realy makes fishing in on  an ewg hook easier.

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