Berkley Havoc Klein's 3" The Deuce Double Tail Grub

Berkley Havoc Klein's 3

Pro designed to help you catch more bass, Berkley is releasing their brand new line-up of Havoc baits to coincide with 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Loisiana Delta.

The Berkley Havoc Klein’s "The Duece" Double Tail Grub - measuring in at 3” - was designed by perennial Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro, Gary Klein - and he knows a thing or two about jig fishing and jig trailers. The Duece Twin Tail Grub isn’t a new design, Berkley and Klein just improved on it. Featuring an extended body to accommodate a bigger hook, the redesigned twin tails also allow The Duece to move at the slowest of speeds.

“What makes the Havoc The Duece different is its extended body cavity to accept a larger hook, and the overall action of the bait’s flapping legs when it moves through the water even at the slowest of speeds. The action and versatility of The Duece truly makes this bait a special tool in my arsenal and it is available in my ten most favorite colors.” - Gary Klein

Length Quantity
3" 10

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome grub. Put the Green Pumpkin Orange color on a bluegill colored swim jig & dyed the tips of the tails chartreuse with a Spike-It marker. Pulled in five 2-4 pound fish in under an hour fishing slow & allowing the bait to flutter.

From: Garrett: Lowell, MI 3/29/16

Comments: Poor packaging but great baits. Take them out of the package put them in a sandwich bag and let them bake out when the sun for 3 days.

From: Louie: USA 4/23/14

Comments: Horrible bait! Everything is too translucent, the tails are too thin, and a bunch of them are all kinked up in the package and don't work.  Total garbage IMO.  Bring back the Green Pumpkin Powerbait twintail grub!

From: Mike: Salem, OR

Comments: Awesome bait. I use it on a jig head and works very well at slower retrive also in cold water. Doesn't matter the color this bait catch fish!!!!

From: Gabriele: Italy

Comments: worst twin tail grub i've ever used! almost no action at all! don't waste your money on these.

From: Nick: IL

Comments: Nice grub.  Great like all the other havoc products.  Why no pearl white though?!??

From: Gman: Midwest

Comments: Does Gary Klein really throw these, or is it just his design? Seems unlikely he uses this trailer. As a jig trailer, I find the claws are too thin and don't have much action. Stick with Yamamoto and its salt heavy grubs unless you just want something to bulk up your jig.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

Comments: not a fan, got these when they came out have yet to catch a fish on these. I have no confidence in this bait, so i rarely throw it. I will give it another try.

Comments: Put on a pb&j dirty jigs football jig in rusty pumpkin

From: Connor: AR

Comments: Berkley used to make a double tail grub with Power Bait scent infused in it. Also, this double grub had dissimilar arms.  One arm sort of stuck out sideways and the other curled normally.  I havent seen this model since the mid 90`s.   I had tremendous confidence with it.
I bought a few packs of these.  They seem ok but dont have scent and are a little tough.

From: Seiko Tuna Can: CA

Comments: Nice grub-where is the basic white?

From: Rich: USA

Comments: Not a bad grub for $2.99. Figured i'd give em a shot, green pumpkin color texas rigged on a 1/0 ewg hook first cast let it sink gave it one twitch and boom hooked a nice 2 pounder....havent used them much since, but overall it's a pretty nice grub!

From: Joe: Southern NJ

Comments: For the price, not terrible. Baits were a little hard and too skinny. Used as a jig trailer i caught some fish but definitely not up to the quality of yamamoto or kalins. Overall not bad for the price, watermelon works best for me.

From: 16 year old bassmaster: On the Lake, MN 

Comments: I agree with that, Black and Blue would be nice.  You'd think since it's Gary Klein's trailer and I see him flippin' blk/blue a lot; that color would be a given.

From: AC: CA

Comments: they really should make this in black and blue...

From: Justin: NJ

Comments: Awesome jig trailer if the fish are active. Swim jig, flippin, casting, whatever.

From: Meatwad

Comments: Sweet! I actually put  this on a 2/0 worm hook and flipped it with much success. makes a great trailer too!!!!

Comments: Found the tail on this bait did not give a ton of action. I typically use these types of baits on the back of swimjigs. Not so impressed with this Havoc offering.

Comments: Works great as a trailer for a 1/2oz or 3/4oz football jig.

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