Berkley Havoc Larry Nixon Bottom Hopper 6.25" 12pk

Berkley Havoc Larry Nixon Bottom Hopper 6.25

Pro designed to help you catch more fish, the Berkley HAVOC Bottom Hopper was designed by veteran professional bass angler, Larry Nixon. Arguably the finest worm fisherman the sport has ever known, he has over 34 years of experience in the pro ranks, as well as a Bassmaster Classic title and two BASS Angler of the Year titles to his name. Nixon used the old straight tail Creme Scoundrel (originally introduced by Nick Creme in 1949) as his inspiration for the Havoc Bottom Hopper, and channeled his vast experience and knowledge base to make a few key adjustments.

First off, Nixon made the nose more rounded, so it was a little more user-friendly for either a Texas-rig or shakey head, and he also thinned out the tail a little bit to give it some extra action and vibration. In order to ensure maximum hooking potential, he took out some additional plastic where you insert the point of the hook. Nixon got his hands on the finished product just in time to fish it at the 2011 Hartwell FLW Tour Major. The Bottom Hopper produced every fish he caught, and helped him lock in a 6th place finish. A deadly new bait based on a classic, the Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper is available in a range of colors.

"Probably the biggest reason I go with the bigger over the smaller or vice versa, is based on the quality and type of fish a place has to offer. If I'm fishing for spots or smallmouth, or a mixed bag, then I'll use the smaller worm. But if it's basically a largemouth lake with a lot of quality fish, then I'll use the bigger one." - Larry Nixon, FLW Tour pro.

Length Quantity
6.25" 12

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These great! I t-rig them & drop shot them. The worm is very buoyant & that seems to help get bites. The durability is alright & the price is right. When they get tore up, I cut them down & use them on jig to drag on the bottom or on a small long shank hook to drop shot for bluegill.

From: Jacob: NE 5/6/16

Comments: These have become my secret weapon for shakey heads. Used exclusively trick works for a couple years and have recently switched over to these. Last about 3-4 fish a piece, but there's a ton in each bag and they're cheap so it's no big deal.

From: Ben: VA 4/28/16

Comments: These worms are so versatile. I have tried these on just about anything & nothing has disappointed me. They can even be put on a drop shot!

From: Will: AL 12/31/15

Comments: Nothing wrong with this worm. Cheaper than others in this size. They do not have power-stank on them so like mentioned below, add your own if that is your thing.

From: Jay6: USA 11/12/14

Comments: A sleeper of a finesse worm - not only durable but also has a low salt content so it will float tail up on a shaky head or hover slightly above bottom on a carolina rig . Good action , color selection and price - what's not to like ?

From: Chris: Acworth, GA.

Comments: great bait! Has produced fish 4 weekends in a row on Toledo bend!! Shaky head and Texas rigged!! No subtle tap here!! They whack em!!

From: Keith: Bossier

Comments: Awesome baits! Thesehave amazing action in the water. I texas rig em wieghtless on a wide gap hook 2/0 . I was using zoom trick worms but i found these and they have a much better profile.

From: Mark: USA

Comments: using cherryseed..caught large mouth back to back, got so tried of seeing bass, changed over to perch fishing!!

From: B: NC

Comments: Great price on these. Durable. One thing you will notice: No power-stank. Oh well..add your own. I fish them wizzo-stiznizzo, but I am sure they would work however you wanted to fish em.

From: Cool Keith: Dirty Souf

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