Berkley Havoc Scott Suggs' 4" Rocket Craw 8pk

Berkley Havoc Scott Suggs' 4

Designed by Berkley's top professional bass anglers, the Berkley Havoc 4" Rocket Craw features cut tail-like claws that generate vibration like no other craw on the market. Flip it, drag it, pitch it, or punch it, the Havoc Rocket Craw gets the job done when money's on the line. Its incredibly lifelike profile complete with long antennae and six realistic legs only adds to its authenticity. Available in an a variety of colors, the Berkley Havoc 4" Rocket Craw is another killer addition to the already deadly Havoc lineup of baits.

Havoc baits are designed by the pros with the best shapes, actions and colors bass love. Make Havoc your go-to bait when bragging rights are on the line ... Havoc Baits. Unleash the Action!

Length Quantity
4" 8

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13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: awesome  finesse style craw! Love throwing this on a shakey head. Only problem I found with this bait is that it wasn't as durable as I would like. Two or three fish & the bait is hard to keep weedless anymore.

From: Hunter: Pascagoula, MS 1/6/16

Comments: great bait the green pumpkin and green pumpkin purple on a 1/8oz t rig with a 3/0 ewg and small mouth destroy this thing when im dragging it across the bottom very durable too great bait all around

From: Evan: Mechanicsburg, PA 3/3/14

Comments: Really surprised by this bait. Picked up a pack of the Breen-Clear Chartreuse out of the clearance bin just for the heck of it. Waited for the rain to break over one of my local ponds, rigged one of these bad boys up Texas and started to fish. Right away, I noticed that this bait had a fairly rigid core and made for little to no action when hopping this thing across the bottom. Oddly enough, bass started hitting and I was able to catch several fish on one bait before it tore up. Time to get my hands on a few more attractive colors.

From: Marty: Willow Spring, NC, USA

Comments: no the best action, but is a good colder water jig trailer, give them a try the price is not bad at all

From: Zaya: MN

Comments: This bait is in my go to bag! Great colors, great action, very good around trees, and rocky points! Must buy with the price!

From: Zach: TX

Comments: Awesome baits for an awesome price,i use them texas rigged w a 1/8 oz bullet weight and 3/0 offset round bend hook n they get absolutely devoured by hungry bass!

From: Marco: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Just a phenomenal bait; if I could have just three baits on my boat this would definitely be one of them. The others would be the Havoc Pit Boss and also the Strike King Rage Shad. Regardless; the bait just works. It has great action; great colors and a super cheap price. I now own 6 different colors which cover any type of water. I Texas rig these with a 3/0 EWG Gammy Superline Hook and a 3/16 oz tungsten weight. The action is incredible. If you can't catch a bass on one of these the fish aren't going to hit anything. The pearl is phenomenal for sight fishing and just match the rest to the water your fishing. GREAT job Berkley and as always; TACKLE WAREHOUSE IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU NEED TO SHOP!!

From: Gary: PA

Comments: i love it i didn't have a bullet waight and i still caught alot of bass

From: Mike: Minnatonka, MN

Comments: This is a favorate for large mouth. Just today i cought a 7 lb 12 oz bass texas rig in a small pond. Five star rating a must buy for big bass

From: Trevor

Comments: I life the shape of this craw except it would be better if the craw flaps were just a tad more bigger

From: Brian: Lake Forest, USA

Comments: Best havoc bait out at the moment IMO.  Doesn't have as tight a vibration as the ultravibe speed craw, but a nice action nonetheless.  I think berkley hit a home run with this one.

Comments: Was using the Rage Craws for their action but for the price these are fantastic, very durable, great color, and very durable. Slap these on a punch skirt or a jig and dynamite! The Perfection Green Flk is a great one haven't tried the others yet but this thing is great.

From: Zach: Brown County, IN

Comments: Good craw. Have caught many good fish up to 4lbs on it. You cannot beat it for 2.99. Also, it is pretty durable

From: John: Chicago, IL

Comments: Don't buy these things, I'd rather more for me. Sickest craw on the market. Kudos to Havoc.

From: Bud: Swan Lake, NY

Comments: Very good bait with lots of action. it's comparable to the UV speed craw from zoom. Second best bait from the havoc line; can't get over the pit boss i love that bait!! Thanks TWH for the great service and fast shipping!!

Comments: I was going to use this for flipping, and carolina rig, but its a little smaller than I expected. Wish it was a littler larger. I really like the design and colors.  It would make a great jig trailer. You cant go wrong for $2.99.

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: Just received my shipment from Tackle Warehouse today. I think this is the best Havoc bait yet. I haven't gotten them out on the water yet; but an iouslu awaiting the weekend. This bait is the perfect size; and a great selection of colors. Havoc bait yet. If they catch fish just like the other Havoc baits this will be a real winner. And as always; thanks tackle warehouse for the A+ customer service!

From: Gary: PA

Comments: looks like a dead ringer for a zoom  speed craw only with antennas added, if it catches fish half as well as the speed craw this will be a winner

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