Pro designed to help you catch more bass, Berkley is continuing to release their new line-up of Havoc baits, which have already accounted for some solid finishes at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta.

The Berkley Havoc Skeet's Slop Craw - measuring in at 3-1/2" - was designed by BASS Elite Series veteran pro and 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Skeet Reese. Designed for punching thick cover, the Slop Craw's streamlined body is perfect for the task, and its lifelike appendages come to life under the mats.

"If you love punchin' heavy cover, then you are going to love this Slop Craw! It's designed with a small profile to get through the smallest opening where the giants live. And the keel adds that extra grab on the hook so that the bait doesn't collapse on the hook when crashing through heavy cover. This is the ultimate punch craw!" - Skeet Reese.

Length Quantity
3-1/2" 10

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Customer Reviews

Comments: It's a rather weird lure, it has minimal action and really doesn't do much when on a jig as a trailer, but on the other side it still works for heavy cover fishing, or even on its own, rig it with a jig head.

From: Lane: IN 4/14/14

Comments: awesome bait for getting into and out of cover fast. Its not bulky and i get alot of pitches per hour using it. Great summertime bait for when the cover is thick and bass are sluggish. Perfection blue fleck is my favorite color.

From: Mike: deptford nj

Comments: I have heard allot of comments saying that theses don't really look that goo but they catch fish. Personally When I first got them I loved the compact size and and over build of this bait. Maybe its from were I fish allot Ohio and the bass fishing is not so great here. So allot of the time downing sizing to a compact craw can be the ticket. I like to punch this but also just texas rig it. When I texas rid it I cut off the little kiel on the front. Smallies tear this up!!!

From: Cole: Ohio

Comments: I honestly did not think much of this bait when I first received it. I was sure it was destined to sit in the bottom of my tackle box and never get used. But earlier this season the bite was slow so I tied one on (thinking I wouldnt catch anything anyway) and low and behold I caught the biggest bass of my life. She was a 10-1 monster that was nestled in the shoreline weeds of a small pond I fish occasionally. I just pitched it up to the weeds and twitched it a few times and she absolutely killed it. A 10+ in PA is a pretty darn big bass; so I would now consider myself a believer. These are for very specific situations and cover; but now I have them readily available if need be.    

From: Gary: PA

Comments: these baits looks like a fish would eat it because they feel sorry for it because its so ugly but after using it in the perfection color on kentucky lake i was proven sooo wrong. This is a very good bait. Very durable and the fish will absolutly slaughter it! I caught tons of very good sized smallies on it! Will definatly be buying more.

From: Jared: KY

Comments: At first i thought this bait was horrible... Then all of the sudden i started catching fish like nothing!! great bait for not only largemouth but smallies DESTROY this! Anyone who disagrees can go crawl in a hole and never catch a fish again:)

From: Dylan: Honolulu, HI

Comments: I got them for my birthday at first I thought I would never use them but when the bite was slow I put one on. BEST FLIPPING BAIT EVER! One craw lasted lasted me 23 bass they were even hitting it with no claws or antennas! I won't flip anything but havoc now!

From: Issac: Saco, Maine

Comments: when i first saw this, it lookied really stupid. but after evaluating it, i realized that this is one tough bait. i fished it this summer, and realized that fish love it. it  is so durable! great for punching mats or just flipping grasses. i have 4 packs!!!

From: Scott: USA

Comments: at first glance, i thought this bait was kinda stupid looking, but after i held it in my hands, it found that the little lure is disigned perfectly for flipping. if your using a punch skirt, the skirt will do the attractive action that this bait lacks, but this bait is the best for holding the hook and being durable enough to withstand fighting fish.

Comments: Great for punching mats.  The bait is compact and goes through cover great.  It is very durable and will withstand the punishment of going in and out of mats.

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