Berkley Havoc The Jerk 10pk

Berkley Havoc The Jerk 10pk

Jerk it, twitch it, burn it, shake it - the Berkley Havoc The Jerk is a soft plastic jerkbait like no other. Designed with the help of Elite Series pro, Michael Iaconelli, the Jerk features a unique, computer-designed, scooped out, hydro-foil, diamond-shaped tail. This advanced tail design allows water to flow in and out as you twitch and jerk the bait, producing a unique water flow that causes the tail to pulse up and down just like a real baitfish. Its thicker body design also allows it to accommodate bigger 4/0 or 5/0 hooks, and provides more bulk to facilitate longer distance casts.

Very versatile, you can Texas-rig it weightless and twitch it around the surface, or Texas-rig it with a weight and on the pause the Jerk will gently shimmy on the fall. Also a great choice on a jig head, the Jerk can be fished deeper or vertically with the same amazing action, or even as an essential component of an umbrella rig. Pro designed and tested to help you catch more fish, unleash the action with the Berkley Havoc The Jerk.

Length Quantity
5" 10

13 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: enjoy the price point but you get what you pay for. Every Havoc bait ive ever used are way too easy to tear. I only use Trokar EWGs and flippin hooks so that probably doesnt help, but i do on all my plastics. The designs are great, the colors are great, but im sure gettin alot of use out of my big mend it jar from these. catch fish tho, great action

From: Kevin: OH 5/24/15

Comments: By the looks of all the B/O's with this bait it looks like everyone has finally learned my secret. I just hope these baits are not being sold to my neck of the woods because I want to keep them a secret around here, haha! Thank you tackle Warehouse for ordering in and stocking the three new colors; they ARE awesome. Folks; just the fact that they cant keep these things in stock recently should be an indication of just how great they are. Read my previous review and order a few packs of these things; you truly won't be sorry.

From: Gary: PA 10/10/14

Comments: If I could only fish one bait for the rest of my life this would be the bait I would choose. There is no other bait made that has the incredible action of this bait. I enjoy fishing many of the other Havoc baits as well but this one puts fish in the boat day in and day out. If you fish Flukes you have no clue what you are missing out on by not using this bait. Typically soft jerkbaits are geared more towards Spring or Fall Bassin' but let me tell you that this bait will catch bass in any season under any conditions. The action on this bait is second to none. The only way I can describe the action on this bait is RIDICULOUS (in the very greatest meaning of that word). I use the Pearl and the Disco Shad (and I have two new colors on order right now). I solely Texas Rig these baits without any weight and would recommend a 4/0 EWG worm hook for proper rigging. If you do not use this bait all I can say is that you should! Durability is on par with any other quality soft baits. Typically 2-3 fish on each bait although a bluegill can bite off the tail rather easily. But that's why you need to stock up on this bait; just in case. If you need to complain about 2-3 fish on a single soft plastic bait you probably shouldn't be fishing soft plastic then. Folks; for $3 for a 10 pack it just doesn't get any better than this.......THANK YOU BERKLEY and THANK YOU Tackle Warehouse for offering such an A+ product!

From: Gary: Ephrata, PA 9/9/14

Comments: The Havoc Jerk is a great soft jerk bait with a very erratic action. the dances all over the place just like an injured bait fish. the strikes where very violent. I a draw back of any Havoc is they only last a few fish. the good news is I can find Havoc baits for $2.99 and so its easy on the wallet to replace the baits. 

From: Martin: Edmond, OK US

Comments: overall a great bait easy to use great color, action, durability is phenomenal,the ribs on the tail help with giving the bait the appearance of a wounded bait fish or a worm and it helped me win a tournament

From: Shelby: columbus ga

Comments: The Jerk is an appropriate name because they jerked me around this evening.  The fish have no problem putting this bait in their mouth but the shape of the bait causes your hook to bury deeper into the plastic on a hook set.  Instead of catching the six fish that grabbed this bait they sat there confused as the plastic came flying out of their mouth.  On inspecting the bait after these hooksets the plastic gathers neatly around the point and barb of the hook blocking any chance of a solid hook set.

From: Waderade

Comments: Not damning these yet but...I fished the disco shad last week on a lake I regularly catch bass on and no hits. I took off the Berkley bait and slapped on a Zoom fluke same color and 5 minutes later I was in still trying these out this weekend on another lake.

From: Oscar: Mesquite,TX

Comments: I am very impressed with the entire Havoc line, these are no exception. Better than a fluke, and just as good as, but cheaper than a GYCB D-shad, or SK Caffeine Shad.  NOW, If Berkley would only add a Senko style bait, and a frog/toad that's similar to a horny toad to the Havoc line..............look out.

From: Basswipe: meatwad's pond

Comments: my friend caught a 9lb bass on one of these yesterday.

From: Derrick: Glen, MS

Comments: if the head was made from a harder plastic so it'll hold up better this would be the best i seen.! caught 3 3lb+ bass with the whole bag

Comments: These baits work well and catch fish the tail action is pretty cool. fish them weightless around boat docks and rip raps. Even though they work I would still us a caffeine shad it has a little more tail action.

From: Turner: SC

Comments: This bait is very versatile. I like it on a shaky head!! But good as a darter, soft jerk or on a Carolina Rig!

From: Brian: Burlington, NC

Comments: Yo Berkley, these colors are garbage!!! Hello?! C'mon ike you're better than this! Sticking to the KVD caffeine shads.

From: Gary: CDA, ID

Comments: very nice ..alot of tail action

From: B: Charlotte, NC

Comments: very nice ..alot of tail action

From: B: Charlotte, NC

Comments: Not only is it a soft jerk bait its a darter head bait. I had it on a 3/16 oz head lettn it drop in grass and darting it out good bait great job ike

From: Connor: AR

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