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Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 300yds - $9.99

The Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament is currently available for pre-order - and expected to arrive by Fall.*

*Arrival dates are supplied by the manufacturer and are subject to change.

Stronger than iron and softer than silk, Berkley’s innovative Ironsilk Monofilament Line offers the foremost in both durability and sensitivity. Featuring reinforced polymer construction, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line is up to 3X more abrasion-resistant than other leading monofilaments.

Exceptionally limp, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line provides great handling, fluid casting, and short-term spool memory that melts away under normal line tension. Offering exceptional knot strength as well, the smooth, extra-tough construction allows knots to cinch down cleaner and tighter than competitors. Built with innovation… fueled by passion, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament is a cut above your everyday monofilament. 

Comments: This could be the perfect Monofilamemt fishing line, it is tough, cast s very easy, and and is abrasion resistant.  It is thinner than normal Mono line, and has an interesting feel to it, very different from every other mono out there, and from what I can tell it doesn't stretch much at all. The only gripe I have is the color, it is an odd green, if they can make this stuff in clear it will be perfect, but for now it works. 

From: Brian: Kent, WA 9/12/14

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Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 10lb $9.99 09/23
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 12lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 14lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 17lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 20lb $9.99 09/23