Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 300yds

Stronger than iron and softer than silk, Berkley’s innovative Ironsilk Monofilament Line offers the foremost in both durability and sensitivity. Featuring reinforced polymer construction, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line is up to 3X more abrasion-resistant than other leading monofilaments.

Exceptionally limp, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line provides great handling, fluid casting, and short-term spool memory that melts away under normal line tension. Offering exceptional knot strength as well, the smooth, extra-tough construction allows knots to cinch down cleaner and tighter than competitors. Built with innovation… fueled by passion, the Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament is a cut above your everyday monofilament. 

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Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 10lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 12lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 14lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 17lb $9.99 5+
Berkley Ironsilk Monofilament Line 20lb $9.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love this line and use 12 lb on my spinning rods whenever I fish in northern Wisconsin. Where I fish I catch bass, walleye, muskie and pike all on the same small crank baits and jigs. I found this held up a lot better to muskie and pike even when they engulfed the bait and could have cut the line with there teeth. It lasted a full season and nearly 100 fish with only 1 break off on big muskie that rapped my around a log. I would recommend it to anyone who has to worry about the toothy ones coming out.

From: BBD TV: Wisconsin 12/19/16

Comments: Very impressed with this mono. I'm able to pitch a weightless fluke with IronSilk, as far as I can pitch a 1/2 oz jig on Trilene XT, even with just an Abu Garcia Black Max. Line has slightly more stretch than Trilene XT, but less than Trilene XL

From: Jared: WI 3/6/16

Comments: This is a great line for topwater baits. However, it's more of a neutral buoyancy. Some people are saying it's really stretchy. I'm not sure about that as my FC sniper flouro has more stretch to it than this line. I don't use it for heavy cover anything I just use it because it makes any hard topwater bait walk better for some reason. Also barely backlashes and comes off the spool nice.

From: Josh: San Ramon, CA 6/21/15

Comments: I was pretty excited when they re-introduced this line. I used to love it in 20# for Jig fishing. The new stuff I got in 14# and 17# has the same look and feel, maybe a bit thinner diameter than the previous version overall. To be truthful about it, I don't think this formula holds up too well in cover. I broke off a couple fish this past week with it on the 14# version and these were not big fish, just biters. I could chalk it up to a bad spool or something. Going to load the 17# on one of my reels and will report back. Hoping to give many stars in my rating for the higher # test.

From: Sean: Gretna, NE 6/1/15

Comments: I have used this line in 20 lb for the last several days. It casts great. However, this is, hands down, the stretchiest line I have ever used. And I have used just about everything you can buy off the shelf. I couldn't even feel the big blade of my spinnerbait turning until the bait was almost back to the boat. And hook sets? Forget it. This may be a good line for crappie or panfish but it is just way too stretchy for bass fishing IMO.

From: Dean: TX 10/9/14

Comments: This could be the perfect Monofilamemt fishing line, it is tough, cast s very easy, and and is abrasion resistant.  It is thinner than normal Mono line, and has an interesting feel to it, very different from every other mono out there, and from what I can tell it doesn't stretch much at all. The only gripe I have is the color, it is an odd green, if they can make this stuff in clear it will be perfect, but for now it works. 

From: Brian: Kent, WA 9/12/14

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