Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods

Perfect for any superline fishing situation, the Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods are specifically engineered to accommodate today's braided superlines. Anglers have increasingly turned to braided superlines when targeting bass and other fish species anytime they need a zero-stretch line with extreme strength and a smaller diameter. However, these same attributes that make superlines such a valuable fishing tool also pose many challenges to fishing rods. Traditional rods often can't accommodate for the lack of stretch and extreme strength of braided line, resulting in the angler yanking the hooks out of the fish's mouth, bent, worn or grooved guides and even broken rods. In order to combat these issues, the Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods possess some key mitigating features.

Equipped with diamond-polished Aluminum Oxide Guides for increased durability and reduced friction, the guide frames are also precision engineered to sit closer to the rod blank. This helps the guides resist twisting and bending under extreme loads, while also decreasing the likelihood of wind knots and other line management issues. In addition, the tip-guide is rounded out toward the rod tip to reduce the occurrence of wind-assisted loop knots at the end of the rod - an issue often associated with fishing superlines.

The Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods also feature a Strike Amplifying Tip (SAT) to accommodate for the lack of stretch in braided lines. By blending fiberglass with graphite in the rod's end section, Berkley was able to produce a slower-reacting tip, which for the angler, results in better hookups and fewer lost fish. Delivering the power and strength necessary for heavyweight fights and steering big fish away from trouble, the rod blank's 1K Power Helix construction produces an ideal backbone for superline situations, while still remaining lightweight. Another key innovation is the Suspending Reel Seat, which removes the dampening effect of the reel from the rod blank, thus facilitating maximum sensitivity transfer into the angler's hands. Also equipped with a Split-Grip handle design for optimum balance and leverage, as well as, reduced weight, the Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods deliver the performance, innovation and features needed to fish braided superlines at their full potential.

-Backed by a 1-year limited warranty 

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4 Model Options

Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Berkley Shock Cast Rod 6'6" Med Hvy

SHC661MH. Braid: 30-50 lbs

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10-25lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 6+Tip Shock Cast A 13" In Stock: 3+ $49.99
Shock Cast A

Berkley Shock Cast Rod 6'6" Medium

SHC661M. Braid: 20-30 lbs

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
8-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 6+Tip Shock Cast A 13" In Stock: 3+ $49.99
Shock Cast A

Berkley Shock Cast Rod 7' Med Hvy

SHC701MH. Braid: 30-50 lbs

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
10-25lb 1/4-1 1/4oz 6+Tip Shock Cast B 14" In Stock: 3+ $54.99
Shock Cast B

Berkley Shock Casting Rod 7'6" Heavy

SHC701MH. Braid: 30-65 lbs

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
12-25lb 3/4-3oz 7+Tip Shock Cast C 17" In Stock: 3+ $54.99
Shock Cast C

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  • Because of braided superline's popularity and widespread use, Berkley introduced a series of rods specifically designed to fish braided superlines at their full potential. Very affordable given the features packed into each rod, the Berkley Lightning Shock Casting rods are perfect for any braided superline situation.
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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't really recommend this rod. It is very stiff (If that's not what you're looking for) and has barely any bend. I dropped this rod lightly on to the bench and it snapped clean about a foot and a half down. Don't waste your money on rods 80 and under. I made this mistake. BAD ROD.

From: Noah R: New Jersey 12/21/16


Comments: I've had the 6'6" casting rod for three years now. Used it for anything from LMB in Clear Lake and the Delta, to lingcod/rockcod along the coast. The way this thing handled 2-oz torpedo sinkers 50-ft down fighting a lingcod makes me shocked to hear guys breaking them on dink LMB's... I'd put money on this rod being more robust than my other Diawa, Lew's, and Shimano rods.

From: Waylon: San Jose, CA 11/27/16

Comments: I got this rod along with the quantum pulse casting reel. It was my 7th or 8th time using it, I laid it down on a bench and SNAP! It broke clean about a foot down from the tip. Never buying a berkley gear again.

From: Noah R: Monmouth County, NJ 11/27/16

Comments: I have three 7ft MH shock rods & I have had them for tree years of fishing BASS & have never even had a tip come off. Biggest bass was a 7lb 4oz largemouth & he put up a great fight & my rod stood up to apprx. 10 minutes of fighting until it was time to bring him into the boat & I didn't even have to use a net. I swung him into the boat. Very good rods for the price, I'm planing on replacing some of my AbuGarcia rods with some more shock rods. They are great.

From: Alan: Clearlake, CA 10/27/16

Comments: Bought this rod in 6'6" medium heavy for Texas rig worm fishing & today was my first day to use it. First fish that I went to set the hook on broke the pole about 10" from the tip clean in two. This is the second one of these poles I've had that broke in situations where they should have held up. I have now learned my lesson on the cheaper poles & will not be buying another.

From: Evan: Jonesville, LA 6/11/16

Comments: Recently bought one of these rod's at a yard sale, 2 damaged guides missing the inserts & I had to refinish the cork, the guy said it was 5 years old and caught many fish  (7" mh) I watched my dad catch reds and striper & flounder on old school lightning casting rods never have they let me down, awesome rod for the price as I'm a fisherman on a budget 

From: Trey: Jacksonville, FL 1/4/16

Comments: Excellent rod for the money. I have 2 spinning versions as well as 2 of the cheaper standard lightning rods. And most recently got a 7.0ft shock casting rod paired with Dawia td pro 7.3.1. Works very well love these rods. One of the 6ft spinning rods outlasted my st croix premier. I Have hauled in a 10lb 2oz bass on a 6ft. With no issues and have caught many more fish on these rods. For the price you can't beat it.

From: Eddie: Annapolis, MD 5/6/15

Comments: Got the 7' med/hvy paired with a revo s. I throw 1/2 oz spinners and traps with this rod. Great rod for the money. 2 years of hard use and the only thing I can say is the butt cap came off the end of the rod, other that that it's been solid.

From: Jared: TX 2/17/15

Comments: amazing rod! 7'6 heavy I flipped all day and had not problem gettin fish out of any mat I came too. I'm in love with it!

From: Tanner: Dover, FL 2/5/15

Comments: Been using these rods for a couple of years now for every style of fishing. I have not been disappointed at any time. These rods hold up and I put them to the test. I would just like to see some more rod length options.

From: John: Dallas, TX 1/5/15

Comments: This rod is amazing ultra sensitive and nice tip I have brought in a lot of nice 6#ers on this rod have it paired with a lews TP good for frogging and Texas rigging

From: Glen: IL

Comments: Caught 91 bass using this as a trailer on a 1/4 swim jig. Works great on a very slow retrieve.  Only complaint is durability. But @ $2.99 you can't complain too much. 

From: Ben: MN

Comments: I have a 7Ft MH rod with a Lew's speed spool on it. I fish my tournaments here in Texas and have caught man 2-8lb bass and haven't broke it yet. My bait casting reel seats excellent on it. It's never came undone once. I plan on buying more.

From: Michael: Killeen: TX

Comments:  Took this rod (7'MH) on a 3 day ocean trip, cathching yellow fin and dorado. Had no problems catching 10 to 17 pound fish. For those of you breaking this rod swinging 2 pound fish,I say "Bull Crap" learn how to swing a fish! This is a AWESOME rod!!

From: Chad: So. Cal

Comments: awesome rod for the money, really light, sensitive and everything. really do recommend it!

From: Dylan: KY

Comments: The only problem I have with this rod is that the back of my reel comes out of the reel seat when I set the hook. I don't know why, but other than that I have no complaints about it yet.

From: Cody: Wi

Comments: i recently bought a 7 ft medium heavy and the rod tip snapped  when I swung in a 2 pound fish. I thought the rod might have ben defective so i bought another 7ft medium heavy, and believe it or not it snapped right above the second guide again. I spend 100 bucks on broken rods which i could have saved and bought a nice one. DO NOT BUY THESE RODS!!!!!!!!!

From: Joe: FL

Comments: I have the 7ft MH casting rod. It isn't a great rod by any means but it is decent. I've fished it hard locally almost 3 or 4 trips a week, and caught several fish on it. Nothing too big, but haven't had many issues. Biggest problems that I have personally had is the butt of the grip fell of on a distance cast, and the braid that I use (Spiderwire 50lb braid) screwed up the tips guide. Once I picked that out and was left with a clean metal guide no problems. It does have a stiff feel for a medium heavy rod, but is very sturdy, and I frequently frog, pitch, flip, and even have thrown a Spro BBZ Jr swimbait on it without issue. Its very sensitive and great for anything you would really use a rod of its size for. Great rod for the price, and it can't be beat in its price range.

From: Sean: Paso Robles, Ca

Comments: I bought mine a little over a year ago its now in its second season of fishing and its holding strong I don't see how these people are breaking them in half because I've smashed mine on over hanging tree branches with a pretty thrustful cast more then once lol line guides still strong and straight would like to buy a better rod but can't for see spending more then 100 it is a little stiff feeling but I kill bass crawling jigs so I guess its sensitive enough never really fished a really nice rod before tho good rod can afford better go for it I'm saving for a g loomis

From: Jake

Comments: i have bought several of these rods and i am  very impressed the price is amazing and if they do break go get a new one its not a 200$ shimano so if ya break it no biggie. They are great for flipping and pitching but i wouldn't trust them froggin.

From: Sam: CA

Comments: great rod for the money, it's made for braid and does excellent at know, there is a technique for "swinging fish" into a can't just lift it up and not expect your rod not to break..have several of these and no issues

From: Scott: IL

Comments: Have 2 older lightning rods and love them both. I have higher end rods but for the money these do everything I ask  of them .Ive caught hundreds of bass on them and the one has so many scratches and nicks on it from rough boat rides in tournaments and it still performs like the day I bought it. Both are 7ftmh and throw a variety of baits very well, swim jigs, flipping jigs, spinnerbaits, cranks, frogs,spooks, senkos, you name it. 13 inch bass breaking the rod? I've caught stripers over 10 pounds with these rods. If your on a budget you can't beet these rods for the price.

From: Richard: Frederick, MD

Comments: I have the 7ft med-heavy. I've had this rod for 2 years of hard use and it is still holding up. I've hauled countless bass out heavy cover. A good rod for a good price. I just wish they would put on more guides.

From: Taylor: VT

Comments: caught my 3 biggest bass on the 6'6" med... one was a 10 pounder that i had to horse over some thick Florida pond grass.

From: Reid: NC

Comments: cheap rods, would not buy one of these broke in half 2-3 days after i got it.

From: Matt: AL

Comments: I have about 5 of the lightning shock rods  3 are spinning rods and 2 are casting rod. I have had the for about 3 years going. They  are a great rod cheap price too. I have never had a problem will breaking them. I take care of my equipment so if you do the same they shouldn't break. I have caught a lot of 2 lb bass on them, also I'll admit I have dropped them many of times and no damage was done the still fish like new sensitive rod. So I high recommend them if you like a rod that don't cost so much also it won't hurt the wallet.

From: Erik: IL

Comments: I have had 4 of these rods and they are fantastic, minus the one that split down the middle. I have used these for everything and more and they ahve always performed. Last one I bought was for throwing jigs and it did so admirably, till it splt down the middle. The rest have performed well and I still plan on getting more.

From: Zachary: AL

Comments: Awesome rod wasn't to sure buying the rod because of the price .Was blown away  great  rod at the right price

From: Ryan: Temecula, CA

Comments: I fish allover the country I've fished in cali, tenn, Florida, Illinois etc.. And I can say that this rod is the main one I've used wherever I go this rod will and always will be with me to use. btw greatest rod for heavy swim jigs or football jigs

From: Patrick: USA

Comments: got the 7'MH for crankbait fishing.  Has the soft tip and yet isn't as heavy as a fiberglass rod.  Can't see spending $100 or more on a crankbait rod that this one will do the same at half the price and weight. 

From: William: Long Beach, CA

Comments: I love these rods for fishing reaction baits. The parabolic action is just right for it IMHO. The 7' MH is a great frog rod, has enough tip to fling frogs a mile and enough back bone to pull them out of heavy slop. I can walk Spro frogs with it all day long because it's lighter than some $300 "frog" rods. The 6'6" M is a great jerkbait rod, and the 6'6 MH is a fantastic spinnerbait, squarebill, and swim jig rod. Spend your $$ on a good casting smooth reel, and get these rods for your reaction baits. You won't regret it.  I spend a lot less time retying now, and keep my jigs/plastics on my "better" rods.

From: Brad: NY

Comments: I have four of these, and they are pretty damn awesome for the price. Good sensitivity and good backbone. As far as the previous comments on breaking "TAKE CARE OF YOUR GEAR, AND IT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU"

From: Chad: So Cal

Comments: I use my 6'6" medium rod for surf fishing. I have a Calcutta 200GTB on it and it is awesome. I use this set-up to catch trout, redfish, sheephead, and bluefish. It is very sensative, and very strong. Well worth the money!!!

From: Norman: FL

Comments: All i can say is for $50 u cant beat this rod!! i love this rod for it is sensitive and has the backbone to pull out fish!! i have this baby paired up with a daiwa laguna 100HL  by far a good matchup for jigs/worm and spinerbait!!

From: Ricky: CA

Comments: this is a great rod for the money. its super sensitive just don't hold it straight up with a fish dangling from it because it will break. i broke mine n bought another the same day worth every penny.

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: Great rod! For the price you can't beat it. I was a fisherman on a budget, got the 6'6 med heavy as a cranking rod and handles fish very well. Definitively worth worth the 50 bucks.

From: Scott: FL

Comments: This rod is bad to the bone. I have this rod and a duckett and i like this rod better than the duckett

Comments: These are nice rods until they break. I broke 2 flipping 13 inch bass in the boat. save yourself the trouble and spend the money on a decent rod, I wish I did.

From: Matt: IL

Comments: I ordered one of these rods and got it and it sounded like there was a crack in the handle. So i got them to send me a new one and the new one did the same thing crappie rod

From: Nick: TX

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