Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rods

Braided superline has become a mainstay over the recent years in the bass fishing world, and the fishing world in general. Because of its popularity and widespread use, Berkley introduced the Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rod Series, designed specifically for superline fishing. Anglers often turn to braided line for its strength, zero-stretch attributes, and smaller diameters, but these same benefits pose many challenges to normal fishing rods. Featuring sizes and actions specifically suited to fishing superlines, the Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rods deliver several key innovations and features to combat the rigors of braided superline fishing.

For one, each Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rod features a Strike Amplifying Tip (SAT), designed to accommodate for braid's lack of stretch. By blending fiberglass with graphite, Berkley was able to produce a slower-reacting tip, which for anglers, results in fewer lost fish. Delivering the ideal backbone as well for fishing braided superlines, the Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rods' lightweight 1K Power Helix blank construction provides the power necessary for solid hooksets and the strength to steer large fish away from trouble. Aluminum Oxide Guides, diamond polished to a rich, blank surface, provide increased durability and reduced friction. The guide frames are also engineered to sit closer to the rod blank to help decrease wind knots, and resist twisting or bending under the extreme stress loads inherent to fishing with superline. In addition, the tip-guide is rounded out toward the rod tip to reduce the occurrence of wind-assisted loop knots at the end of the rod - an issue often associated with fishing superlines.

Also equipped with a revolutionary Suspending Reel Seat, the reel seat's unique design removes the dampening effect of the reel from the rod blank, maximizing the sensitivity emanating into the angler's hands. The Berkley Lightning Shock Spinning Rods' Split-Grip Handle design also facilitates a greater sensitivity transfer, while providing optimum balance and reduced weight. Offering anglers affordable rods for fishing braided superlines to their full potential, the Berkley Lightning Shock Casting Rods are perfect for any braided superline situation.

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Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty

3 Model Options

Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

Berkley Shock Spin Rod 6'6" Medium

SHS661M, Line Weight - Braid: 8-15 lbs. / Fluoro: 4-12 lbs.
Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz 5+Tip Shock Spin A 13-1/2" In Stock: 3+ $49.99
Shock Spin A

Berkley Shock Spin Rod 7' Med Lt

SHS701ML, Line Weight - Braid: 6-15 lbs. / Fluoro: 4-10 lbs.
Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
4-10lb 1/8-5/8oz 5+Tip Shock Spin B 13" In Stock: 3+ $49.99
Shock Spin B

Berkley Shock Spin Rod 7' Medium

SHS701M, Line Weight - Braid: 8-20 lbs. / Fluoro: 4-12 lbs.
Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz 5+Tip Shock Spin C 14" In Stock: 3+ $49.99
Shock Spin C

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have the Berkley Shock Spin Rod 6'6" Medium with Medium/Fast Taper. The rod looks really good and performs equally well, very versatile, put 20lb yellow PowerPro braid and 15lb fluorocarbon leader and you have an awesome senko rod, put some mono line like  Suffix Elite  on it and you have an awesome topwater rod, put some 10lb fluorocarbon and you have an awesome jerkbait rod. Not the best rod out there, but a really good deal for the price !

From: tsepty: New York 2/21/17

Comments: I have been using a 7ft med-light Lightning rod for the past 6 months inshore fishing Tampa area. I've landed several large snook & reds with it. A 42 inch Cobia. 4ft blacktip, a BIG stingray. As well as several nice size jacks & other by-catch. The tip is very sensitive, but the rod has enough backbone to haul in some bigger fish.

From: John: Tampa, FL 8/30/16

Comments: I bought one of these for an out of state trip. It performed great with a zapu rigs, drop shots, and wacky rigs. The rod is pretty soft, so if you like heavy rods this is not for you. But It casts a mile and is very sensitive. I was able to haul in some 5+ lbs toads with it. I liked the rod so much that I bought another one when I returned to the delta. The first day I hauled in another 4 lb. toad with it that was stuck in the weeds. I was using 8lb flouro, so I had to be gentle. I ended up landing it. My new $200 fenwick is collecting dust. This is my new go to rod for wacky rigs, drop shots and zapu. Needless to say , I highly recommend this rod.

From: Scott: Delta, CA 9/8/15

Comments: This is my favorite spinning rod, it has backbone, casts a mile, handles big fish, lightweight, and surprisingly comfortable. I have mine rigged with a Daiwa Legalis and I use it for Bass and Crappie. Just today I pulled Slabs out of heavy cover with it. Highly recommend this Rod

From: Will: Nashville, TN 1/29/15

Comments: I bought this rod because it was an inexpensive rod and I was looking for a back-up rod. I was very pleased with the sensitivity and caught a lot of fish on it! Unfortunately  it broke after 2 months of use about an inch down from the tip. I think maybe I just got unlucky, but it broke flipping a rock bass that weighed under a pound...

From: Austin: MN 1/10/14

Comments: This rod has been amazing for me. I have had it for almost 3 years now and have fished countless hours with it. I mostly use it for throwing small tubes, dropshotting and even spybaiting but it can handle anything. I have the 7' medium and it gets the job done. Perfect rod for the money, I am completely satisfied. The 2 biggest largemouth I've ever caught and my biggest smallie all came off this rod.

From: Peter: CT 12/10/14

Comments: Its a Great Rod for the price it handles big fish very well and has a great hookset to. And it the Best and longest Casting Rod.

From: David: Frankford, WV 4/19/14

Comments: Do not be fooled by the price or brand of this rod! I would put this rod up against any other brand or model under $200!!  Incredibly sensitive, after all why else would use spinning tackle right?  I slammed a 23lb. Pike on this rod while DROP SHOTTING???? Yeah I know right!!  Well it stood up that Pike with no issue other than my fear of the 8lb. fluoro breaking lol!  Great rod, sleek look, and even better price!!

From: MikeyGrizz: Philly, PA 4/16/14

Comments: Love this rod. Is my go to along with the Phluger Presidential reel. Really nice!

From: Joe: TN

Comments: I bought the 7' Med rod several years ago when I was a beginner. This thing is stinking unbelievable. I have thrown the widest range of lures on here and this rod handles them all great. I've caught hundreds of bass on frogs, just hauling them through slop, and I've used it for small crank baits, this thing is awesome! I even took it Salmon fishing with me this fall because of my confidence in it. Landed 37 salmon that day with the smallest at 15lbs and biggest went 28lbs 11 oz. Watched my friends Abu shatter in four pieces. This baby's still goin strong. Held a 26 pounder for over fifty minutes with no problem. Simply awesome rod, and for only $49.99, how could you go wrong!?

From: Cobi: MI

Comments: Bought this rod to throw smaller finesse style riggings (wacky, small worms). Using 6lb fluorocarbon and this rod will throw a weightless senko a mile.  Really light weight.  Is it the best rod on the marker?  No but it isn't the worst either.  I don't understand how people keep breaking their rods. I own many different brands and have only ever broke one and that was my fault.  Learn to take care of your equipment, cast correctly, hook set right, and set your drags properly and you shouldn't have issues.

From: Kirk: Roscoe, IL USA

Comments: Just got this rod and I paired it with a quantum kinetic spinning reel on 14 pound superline. It looks and feels great. I can't wait to use it!!

From: Ben: LaFayette ga USA

Comments: I bought the 7' med rod last christmas. was originallu going to get an ugly stik, sure glad i didnt. I fish for bass from a kayak and shore and this rod has so much backbone it is insane. the orange painted part is straight as an arrow even on my personal best 7lb lm. the gray bends and plays the fish so well, i can feel when it turns its head. very sensitive for 50 dollars, best rod for the under 100 dollar mark. never missed a bite. walmart sells them for 40 which is where i got mine. only complaint is it really needs more than 6 guides. but the fish dont care! tight lines.

From: Zach: orlando florida usa

Comments: Great rod sor finesse fishing. Sensative and can reel in a Pig! I really like the split grip, the butt of the reel is a good spot to put your second hand when casting especialy long distances. Use light line and you will be able to cast far distances. Use somthing like eight pound or six pound test or maybe a little more. Happy Fishing and Tight Lines!

From: Jake: Cape May County, NJ

Comments: ive heard bad things bout this rod about the tips breaking off and all other crap but ive had this rod for two months and its been amazing this rod is very sensitive i can feel minos hitting my line...ive pulled in countless bass and catfish from 3oz to 40lb i hooked into a flathead catfish and it bent my rod 180* on 10lb line and i caught that catfish this rod is amazing i would recommend this rod.

From: Keaton: Rockwood, TN

Comments: got the 7'0 med lt for finesse fishing paired up with the diawa laguna 3000 and 10 lb copolomer liine. great fiinesse combo, casts a mile, but i mainly use it to skip baits under docks and stuff, it works great, and im mainly a baitcast guy and im imporessed, maybe i'll switch to all berkely rods

From: Kendog: Up North

Comments: This is a pretty good rod for the price. I had the 7' medium and used 30lb tracer braid for Northern Pike. I found the rod to be quite light for a rod in this price range, with good sensitivity and great backbone. Has it set up with a Pflueger president and was just an amazing combo for a good price. Just over 100 bucks total. And it held up to some big fish, the best two being a 20lb Pike and a 22lb pike. Believe me, northerns of that size destroy gear that isn't well made.

From: Brandon: Moosomin, Sask, Canada

Comments: I have a older Lightning Rod and its been a great rod for feel, hook set, and I think my best and longest lasting Rod.

From: Kenneth: Saginaw, TX

Comments:  i have this on a Falcon volt spinning reel. and it is an amazing combo for the price i havent had any problems with it. and i have already caught a 5 lb. bass on it.

From: Mikey: USA

Comments:Bought one 2 months ago. Great rod for the price. handles big fish very well. solid hooksets.

From:Zach: Illinois, USA

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