Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist

Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist

Winner of Best of Show overall and in the Line Category at the 2011 ICAST Show

Not a Mono. Not a Fluorocarbon. Not a Braid. Berkley’s NanoFil Uni-Filament Fishing Line is the next generation of fishing line - and in a class all its own. Constructed from gel-spun polyethylene, much like a superline, it consists of hundreds of Dyneema nanofilaments that are molecularly linked and shaped into a unified filament fishing line. Dyneema is one of the world’s strongest fibers, providing NanoFil with superline-class strength, as wells as zero-stretch and exceptional sensitivity. Berkley’s uni-filament process also makes it feel and handle like a smooth monofilament, while still allowing it have the performance characteristics of braid. The ultimate spinning reel line - Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Fishing Line is the longest casting, thinnest and most sensitive line Berkley has ever created.

-Ultimate Spinning Reel Line
-Zero Memory Virtually Eliminates Tangles
-Incredibly High Strength/diameter Ratio
-Zero Stretch Means Superb Sensitivity
-Berkley’s Longest Casting Line

NanoFil Diameter (in) Diameter (mm)
4lb .004 .102
6lb .005 .127
8lb .006 .152
10lb .007 .178
12lb .008 .203
14lb .009 .223
17lb .010 .254

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Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 6lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 8lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 10lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 12lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 14lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 17lb 150yd $19.99 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 8lb 300yd $38.95 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 10lb 300yd $38.95 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 12lb 300yd $38.95 5+
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 14lb 300yd $38.95 5
Berkley Nanofil Line Clear Mist 17lb 300yd $38.95 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I recently made the mistake of placing this line on a Baitcasting reel, it is ONLY meant for Spinning reels (as it states on the paper giving). This is a fantastic product that casts a country mile, but DONT EVER! use it on baitcasting reels EVER!

From: Robert: Southern Okanagan, BC Canada 5/10/16

Comments: I use the 14lbs line & I have a 50 50 on this line. Cast far, smooth & quite. Great dropshot set up line.  My complaint is the line isn't as strong. The line would break at the leader on the nanofil side when stuck. I'm using red label 8lbs leader. I broke off a big fish on tournament day that could have put my buddies & I in the 25 lbs bag.

From: Phong: Coweta, OK 3/30/16

Comments: I have used the nanofil 12lb over a year in two spinning reels, one paired with a medium heavy moderate and the other paired with a medium fast rod.This line does what it says, excellent performance when recommendations are followed. I still have line for another year easily. Use the double palomar knot. As for hooks, 4 & 5 depending on bait most of the times flukes & worms. One of the best rigs for me are 1/2oz texas rig, texas rig with nail in a fluke.

From: Rafamar: Monterrey, Mexico 3/25/16

Comments: I bought the Berkley Nanofil 14# line. 2 spools. Casting distance was great for about 15 casts. I was using a fluke with split shot on a chronarch reel. The wind came up and I backlashed. I thought I cleared it and recast, with the wind this time. When the line got to where the line was apparently trapped in the reel. It just broke right at the reel. I like Trilene and braided line and they never do this. I wasted $40 bucks on 2 small spools of weak line. Please don't waste your time & money on Nanofil.

From: Wesley: Broaddus, TX 3/7/16

Comments: don't double the nanofil side. Always double you leader side and wrap the braid around it when tying an Alberto/ Albright knot. That way the braid digs in to and grips your leader. Doesn't work the other way around.

From: Reece: Salem, OR 10/29/15

Comments: It does everything as advertised. The biggest advantage is cotton wood bloom does not stick to it. Fished 6 hours casting road runners and never once had to clear my line of cotton wood. My other line were a mess!!

From: Bart: Russiaville, IN 5/23/15

Comments: I tried the 6lbs test on my ultralight trout rod with 4-8lbs test Berkley 100 percent and Seaguar Abrazix.  I connected the leaders with the Alberto knot, Nanofil side doubled, tried anywhere from 5-10 twists going up and 5-10 twists going down.  The knot itself cinched really nice but I was having problems breaking off at the knot if I made hard flick casts with tiny 1/32 oz mini jigs while trout fishing.  So far I'm not impressed with the casting distance or durability.  I did like the feel when I tied directly to a Thomas Bouyant or Kastmaster.  I did get good easy casts and solid hook sets due to the low stretch.  I just can't see myself buying anymore of this stuff. I'm calling it Nanofail from now on.

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

Comments: Best line I've found for open water fishing. I can cast a grub or wacky rig a mile and still get a solid hookset. I run about a 3' leader on them tied with back to back uni knots (extremely easy to tie). I've found it helps to tighten the Nanofil knot down first then tighten the leader line knot. Don't know why but it works and once the knot is tied it's solid. I've been using the same small spool on one rod since it first came out and it's still going strong even after constant use.

From: Clayton: Gardner, KS

Comments: I've been using this stuff for 2 seasons and I love it. I fish mostly for bass but have had a few large pike (over 36") and the line preformed well. I do tie in a swivel with the double palomar knot and then fluro to my hook. I have not had this stuff break on anything. Any line will break if you get a nick in it. I can't believe what some of these reviews have said. Now for the down side...I noticed the line unraveling?, after half a season. I turned it around and used it like a double taper flyline. I replaced the line about midway through this season. Would have changed mono about 5 or 6 times so it was still economical to use. For me the pluses outweigh the negatives. This line is super quite through the guides,casts a mile and is so sensitive I can tell when Mrs. Bucketmouth is just looking at my bait! Well maybe not that but it is pretty sensitive. I tried suffix 832 on my dropshot rod and don't really care for it. Color faded quickly, it's noisy and it cuts in like the first braids did. For my money it's 8lb. Nanofil for me.

From: George: Newaygo,Mi. USA

Comments: the best line I've ever used a little expensive but worth the money will never buy another line again for my reels nanofil all the way

From: Michael: Colorado Springs, CO

Comments: The 6 and 8 # line are the best open water spinning lines made. You can't use this in rocks or wood and any thing over 8# falls apart.But the 6 and 8  will get your smallmouth cranks 2 feet deeper than any other fun is that. You do have to use a double palomar knot but thats not hard to do. Get the light line and have some fun.

From: Grerg: AL

Comments: I bought a spool of 8lb. clear mist.  I played around with leader connections using 6 lb. flour leaders.  The best connection knot for me was an improved albright(alberto, modified albright) with the nano doubled while making the wraps around the flouro.  I did have some breakage issues when making really hard, snappy casts with lures over 1/8 oz.  I found if I used a softer rod with baits not exceeding 1/8 oz. I had no problems.  I read that the lighter lb. tests are pretty weak but the 12 lb. is much stronger..I think I'm going to try that next as I really love the handling and casting distance.  Tight line all.

From: Ryan: So Cal

Comments: This is the best line you can use for spinning gear. I had 12# Nano on all 3 of my spinning setups and only had to replace it on one setup all season. I use a 6 or 8 # fluorocarbon leader with the knots recommended on the box (these knots are amazing for all line actually) and it worked flawlessly. I fished 78 days, caught over 350 bass, and probably 1/3 of them were on spinning gear. I couldn't even tell you how many times I changed out the line on my casting rods!! The only thing I wouldn't recommend it for is finesse Carolina rigging (too much shock applied to leader on big hook-sets). Stick with a Mono or as I prefer a Fluoro mainline for Carolina rigging. I have always loved Power Pro braid but Nanofill last longer, is just as strong, and is significantly easier to handle!!

P.S. Don't buy the big spool because you will never use all of it.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: the best line i haveever used on a spinning reel!  Good stuff going to get the green next!!

From: Jason: Bryan, TX

Comments: I was surprised to see any negative comments about this line.  Although I have just picked up fishing this year (am 37), I can say that I have used and abused my 12lb nano line.  I have fished more than a dozen times (bank fishing mostly) with this line and been caught in trees (out of water and in) with crank baits, worms,and top water baits.  My line has broken 1 time during casting with over 30 hours of casting and cranking.  My knots never broke- but they did come untied twice before I realized that a simple knot change to a "polomar Knot" tied to a swivel allowed me to not break any lines, nor have my knots come out.  I can cast as far as pros. I have pulled up tons of weeds, logs, etc.  I use the "heavier" line for bass. I can cast way out, pull through snags etc.  I have tried to find the best ways to fish, so I have really abused this line.  I do use this on a flip face reel.  I have heard that is what it works best for.  If you somehow have managed to break this line repeatedly, maybe it's not the line. Try a better knot.

From: Neil: Austin, TX

Comments: Used the 6, 10 and 12lb for over a year now.  I have found the 6lb line extremely nice to cast with but the line strength is very weak - breaks way easier than 6lb floro or even 6lb mono imo.  The 10 and 12lb however are very strong (stronger than 10/12 lb mono and about the same as 10/12lb floro imo)  although it frays a bit easily.  In all cases they handle superbly.  All in all, the best handling and casting line that i have ever used by far. 

From: Warren: Canada

Comments: Wow. I jumped on the 12lb within days of hitting the market. No review existed at that time. Those speaking finesse make the most sense. This stuff is highly sensitive and works well if used properly. That said, I do not plan on buying more. For my money, the strength does not outweigh the limitation.

From: Trio: NorCal

Comments: Decent line at best. Absolutely awesome when it comes to casting, you can throw it a mile. Knot strength and abrassion resistence however is not good. I have lost several drop shot set ups because of this line. After I lost confidence with it bass fishing I decided to try it crappie fishing. It is a good crappie fishing line, you can feel every tap and when you get hung its strong enough to bend those little hooks and you dont lose as many jigheads. But as far as bass fishing, dont waist your money.

From: Will: AL

Comments: I've used the 14# and while I love the casting distance this line gets frayed and and just breaks all the time.  I havent had issues with it breaking at the knots because I know how to tie it properly.  However, it does break when casting.  If you want to impress your buddies with mile long casts but are willing to risk the line breaking if a fish bites then this line is for you.  If you like to land the fish, then stick with whatever super line you used before nanofil came out.  waste of money.

From: Jim: New England

Comments: Baysyc in Pleasanton, CA couldn't be more right.  Whoever said this line has memory must be seriously confused about what it means for a fishing line to have DO NOT FISH THIS LINE STRAIGHT! You must use a fluoro leader. If using less than 12lb nanofil, you have to double up the nanofil when tying on your leader with a uni knot. 7 or 8 wraps on your uni knot will hold up great. I've done it time and time again and it works fine. The pros of this line are too good to ignore. Casts waaaaay further than any line I've ever seen, amazingly sensitive.  I have had problems with my leader knot breaking when using my microguide rod, but no problems with regular guides or just using a shorter leader and not reeling it up through the guides at all. I promise if you use this line the way I said, it will pay off big time for you.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: this line is AWFUL i lost 2 lures in one day and i used the polomar knot it sucks and dont get it

From: Matt: Chicago, IL

Comments: Bought this line for the first time this past weekend.  Had two fish on and lost them both to line breakage near the Knot.  Sorry Berkley you missed the mark on this product.  Is pure crap for Bass fishing.

From: Jan: Monona, WI

Comments: This is an awful line for bass. The fish see line if you tie directly to it, but you can't tie a leader to the line without snapping the knot even on light hook sets. I got around this by using a swivel, but the knots you have to use for this take forever to tie and get frustrating if you get caught up and have to tie repeatedly. Further, ANY nick in the line means a snap next time you put any stress on the line. All said, there are 4 more poor bass towing nanofil behind them because the line just wouldn't hold. The only situation I can think of wher this line will do well would be shore fishing for trout when you want to get really far out and there's not much to get caught or nicked on. I'm thinking Carolina rig with powerbait would be great so long as the line is kept in pristine condition. Still though, its lack of abrasion resistance makes me not trust it.

From: Garson: Southern California

Comments: My apologize for my very poor English. Among all the fishing lines, braid made of Spectra or Dynnema until the present day, tested for me, Berkley nanofill 17-lb is the best. It  shot a mile!  I tested this line in the following casting reels: Daiwa steez 103, Alpha re-edition, Liberto Pixi, and Shimano Calcutta Conquest 50 dc.  I didn«t have trouble with knots. I use the more simple knot that exists.
I am sure that I will never use other line to fish in the rivers of Amazon, fish with less than 20 lb pounds. For big fishes, I still wait to a more strong Berkley nanofill, may be .012"

From: Antonio: Brazil

Comments: I dont usually leave feedback but the volume of invalid mindless reviews by people lacking any remote shred of intelligence is driving me nuts.  I change my line like i change my socks and this line is extremely efficient at performing the qualities its marketed for. Someone said its stiff? Compared to what? 12# resembles the stiffness of my girlfriends hair. And then I heard something about it having memory... and people are trying to compare it to fluro.  I feel all these negative reviews are made by someone that lost a fish, got mad, and instead of thinking about using an appropriate not, or a fluro leader or anything different.... just keep using the same dry cinch knot and think the line is garbage.

Bottom line, smooth as silk more thin then anything you've used or can use extremely sensitive  elasticity comparable to braid take all the qualities of braid except better and all the weaknesses of fluro, and worst. It is very sensitive to rough surfaces so use appropriately. I believe it is so sensitive it might actually tear on the fishes teeth. If you think this is the case, fluro leader and you got a killer set up.

From: Baysyc: Pleasanton, CA

Comments: There are pros and cons of this line. It casts a mile, there is no memory, and is extremely sensitive. However, if you fish waters with zebra mussels, stay away. It is very prone to abrasion and frays after a few casts. I have broken off many many times and lost a lot of money fishing this line. I won't buy it again.

From: Alex: KS

Comments: I hated this line at first, but now I kinda love it. When i first got it i had it in 3 lb and the first thing i noticed was how much the abrasion resistance sucked. But i was fishing with a bobber for panfish so that was why. I didn't really notice any added casting distance to what i was using before, but then when we went out in the boat and we were casting to bluegills and other panfish breaking on the surface pushing baitfish up, i was able to get a 1/16 weight with a small tube 30+ yrds to the fish, and the guy I was with who was using the exact same thing, couldnt even get it half or even a third of my distance. I then proceeded to "accidently" catch a nice walleye that took me through some pretty heavy weeds, and i didnt have any problems with breakage or anything, even after a hooked some not big but sub 2 lb bass that took my ultra light for a pretty good run through soem heavy weeds ahnd it held up fine. I really Love this line, If you are planning on getting the lower lb tests for panfish and using bobbers, I'd suggest getting a higher lb test becuase the bobbers will tear your line up.

Comments:  Awesome line, very strong.  Castability is excellent.  Strength is great, only break offs I had were on my 8 lb. flouro leader.  I used the 4lb. nanofil as mainline and was fishing rocky areas for smallmouth.  So long as you use the line as intended, on spinning reels and using a flouro leader joined by a double uni knot or albright knot, you won't be disappointed.  Definitely a must for finesse fishing where long casts are needed.

From: Mike: Chicago, IL

Comments: to tell you the truth don't get this line, you will be extreamly dissapointed. It cast pretty smooth but literaly after like the third cast with the line after being brand new it starts to fray terribly. I have lost many fish because of this line. I will never be bying this line again. Expecially the price.. terrible quality and a extreamly high price. Come on now.

From: Matthew: Sandsprings, OK

Comments: The most expensive line I have ever used and one of the worst. Lost several good fish with the 12lbs line.  
Very poor knout strenght.  Very poor abrasive resistance. Wood like to get my money back.

From: Stewart: High Ridge, MO

Comments: Pros: Great casting distance!! Cons: Not very abrasion resistant at all. You can slide your fingers up and down the line and after a couple of passes you'll start to see the line fraying just from your fingers. It casts so well that after buying the 8 lb and watching my fingers fray the line. I also bought a spool of 12 lb with the same disappointing results. Now I've got about 200yds of high priced dental floss.

From: Jake: Knoxville, TN

Comments: Nanofil is a terrible line for bass fishing it gets nigks way too easy no matter how much you moisten your knot the line still seperates and I didn't notice much of a sensitivity increase from mono I'll never buy the stff again

From: Mike: Bloomington, IL

Comments: never buying this line again. awfull knotstrength, and high memory. i set the hook on a 1.5 lbs bass and broke of on 12lb test. the line sucks. i can overpay on a better line for less.

Comments: Just as Chuck from NJ stated, this line is THE MOST SENSITIVE and one of the furthest casting lines you will ever use. It is for finesse presentations so for any of you throwing stuff like swimbaits or fishing in heavy cover with this stuff, it's no wonder you're having problems. It has plenty of strength to land big fish, but if a big guy gets you down in the heavy lettuce with this line, you will probably have a hard time pulling him out of there. You must put mono backing on your reel, connect the nanofil with a back to back uni knot with the nanofil line doubled up, and always use a flourocarbon leader also tied on with a uni knot and the nanofil doubled up. If you dont double up your nanofil on your knots, you will most likely have a very weak knot that will probably slip because it is so incredibly thin, and if you fish it straight with no leader the fish will be able to see it because it's white. If you use this stuff how it's supposed to be used, it is one of the best lines you will ever come across, period!

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: Cast excellent, very sensitive, best spinning line I've used period. Need to retie about every 3 hours but you should do that with any light line application to eliminate break offs.

From: Tim: Dallas, GA

Comments: OK, I've been using it a while now and here's the trick. Only use it on your ul spinning rigs, and use a floro leader. It's a finesse fishing tool and a dam good one. A uni to uni works good but wet it good and cinch it slowly. any heat from cinching it dry and fast will weaken the knot. This is the most sensitive line you'll ever use, and it casts a country mile. No wind knots either. You finesse fishermen need to give it a try. but don't forget the leader.

From: Chuck: NJ

Comments: I tested 12# Nanofil against 8# Tracer Braid in my yard with identical spinning reels and nearly identical rods.  I figured this was a fair comparison because of the reportedly poor abrasion resistance and frequent break-offs  with Nanofil.  I tested with Zoom Finesse Worms and Super Flukes.  Verdict:  Identical casting distances with Tracer Braid and Nanofil.  The Nanofil had more memory, as it lay on the ground in tighter loops and pulled out tight to a distance of about 2 feet more.  Come on, dudes.  Don't get excited like you're at a Justin Beiber concert.  You cost me 20 bucks.

From: Kyle: Boone, NC

Comments: Cast great, not much else i like about it though. It is not worth the money, plus not very abresion resistant, not to mention its to high vis. below the water, and when im fishing with a spining reel i want a good very low vis. line below the water, try their trans optic line or any other trilene, they cast good, and fish cant see it

From: Mike: NJ

Comments: great casting line but is not abrasion resistant at all u can rip the line with your finger nail... way to expensive for this crap, stick with seaguar 100 precent fluro.

Comments: Nanofil 12 lb is the best line for small casting reels like Daiwa PX and Shimano Cardiff 50 dc.

From: Antonio: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Comments: Casts like no other line I have ever used.   I love the zero memory,  I did not have to mess with my spool once all day of casting.  Does not hold up well against abrasion.  Line snapped at the hook trying to land one.  Fix the durability otherwise guys will lose fish.  Feels and looks like dental floss, ha. 

From: Amo: Modesto, CA

Comments: First off the stuff cast like a dream. But I will be taking it off my reel and putting Vicious pro elite fluro back on. I had the line break 4 times, either while setting the hook or fighting the fish, using the knot it suggests. It doesn't matter how well it cast, or how far, if i cant get the fish to the boat.

From: Jessie: Vidalia, GA

Comments: This line is just AWESOME, I have read a lot complaining of break offs but I use it on my DS setup but I tie the Nanofil to a small swivel and then tie on a flouro leader, I think from what I have read the breaks at the knot may be caused by it being drug on the botton and getting some abrasion on the line but I have yet to have this line break on me with the way I have it setup with the swivel and leader. I have however gotten hung up a few times and with the 8LB Nano my flouro leader ALWAYS breaks, it will dang near cut into your hand trying to pull it loose just like braid. To me this stuff is a super line and almost no memory and casts so much further than any flouro I have ever used. GET SOME AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

From: Woody: Woodstock, GA

Comments: best line .. ive tried the 6lb .. for those who suffer of line breaks on the knot .. try the FG knot .. i dont even have a small problem with the knot strength

From: Xavi: Kota Kinabalu

Comments: this line is amazing super smooth and I cast a mile with it

From: Anthony: Pembroke Pines, FL

Comments: This is not a braid, so its not for flipping in heavy cover. This is a finesse line.  If you are not a fan of Fluoro for drop shot fishing because of the memory, Nanofil is a great replacement to that.  The translucent color in the water, competes well against Fluoro. The key to this line while drop shoting, is not to drag it.  If you drag bottom, you will lose a ton of weights because its not very abrasion resistant, but while targeting a school, I have yet to have the line break on me.  Its priced as high as it is because its a specialty line.  I usually don't spool up with Berkley lines, but this line has worked out great.

From: Tim: Ontario, Canada

Comments: ok line very low memory but the line is always breaking off at the knot im not going to be using this line again broke off when i hooked up on a small rainbow trout  2 out of 5 stars 

From: Doug: CV, AZ

Comments: Very disappointed with the durability of this line  breaks way too much with fish on it. Which is when it counts. I also was very satisfied with the first version of the fireline when it first came out but then something happened and it started consistently breaking of on fish. Should've known not to buy too much prior to testing out.  I now have 15 spools that will go unused.  Cmon berkley gives us a better product.

From: Mark: Olathe, KS

Comments: Used the NanoFil on the Potomac river yesterday and would like to say thanks for developing a line that cast a country mile. Cast a small lure that I had been using on mono the week before and no lie it went at least 3-4 times further. Thanks Berkley.
This is not a paid advertisement....; )

From: John: Stafford, VA

Comments: Awful abrasion resistance, one fish and you have to retie. never going to sneak into my bag again

Comments: My friend and i both decided to try this stuff out on our respective spinning rigs. He spooled 10lb on a older stella2500 paired with cumara 7'2" Med Xfast. I spooled 4lb for my stradic1000 using a 7' compre UL rod. a also grabbed some of the 8lb for my stradic2500 and cumara 7'2" MedHvy. Previous posts are dead on with cast-ability, it shoots through the guides like a dream. I have had great success on my UL setup. several fish landed, no break-offs, no line management issues. However, with the MedHvy rig, EVERY time I've felt a bite and i go to set the hook, the line breaks. I have gone through so many senkos it's just stupid. i even tried not setting the hook...just wait for the fish to run with it and use more of a sweeping motion....but the line will either still break, or i just lose the fish b/c i didn't set the hook. Called my buddy up...and he already stripped the line off after a week b/c EVERY time he went to set the hook the line snapped. We will both be going back to Seaguar invizx. It's way more durable and cheaper. If I want a "super-line" I will spool up some of the spiderwire stealth braid. never had issues with that stuff.

From: Dave: OH

Comments: Well, what I thought was going to be the cat's meow is starting make me wonder if it may be more like the dog's bite! Not sure exactly what to say here but I have now fished the 4, 8 and 12 pound. The 12 for me was just to stiff for throwing finesse worms. I still think it may be a good crankbait line. I like the castability of the 8 and 4 but my big concern is break offs! I have been tying the Nano or double palomar knot as suggested. When it breaks, and it often does, it is usually at the knot. Fishing crappies and yellow bass last night. I probably caught 30 fish with the 4 pound on a 5 foot IMX Loomis with a Shimano 1000 Stradic MG set with a light drag. I must of had 5 break offs after I got the fish in the boat. I would got to grab the fish and the 1/32nd oz jig would break off the line at the knot. The one thing I didn't do was peel of 6 or so feet and retie higher up the line but I have been noticing this problem for awhile and last night made me wonder why I was using it when I know there is lines out there that don't break like the Nano does. Then, I remembered how much I enjoy casting the stuff! No, it's not the cat's meow! Back to the drawing board Berkley! PS. I am truly one of Berkleys biggest fans but, like everything else, Nano has its limitations I guess.

From: John: Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Comments: Line is super soft and will cast great off spinning tackle.---no memory!!!!! must use fluro leader and you will never go back to mono or anything else for that matter ........expensive though.

From: Bunker: Haymarket, VA

Comments: This is way over priced,  breaks on hook set, stands out in the water like a sore thumb. It does cast a country mile, but the few extra yards isnt worth the other drawbacks. 

From: Nick: Crozet, VA

Comments: This line is truly incredible in every respect except one. Knot Strength. Not only do you have to wet it good before you cinch it, I put the knot in my mouth and slowly cinch it, and then take it out and gently cinch it the rest of the way. Any heat at all and the knot is worthless. I got the 8LB but if i get it again i think I'll get 10lb. its so thin anyway and maybe I would have more confidence in the knots.

From: Chuck: North Bergen, NJ

Comments: very poor knot strength compared to powerpro or suffix.

From: Srp: GA

Comments: Casts good but very poor knot strength and tends to slip when tying knots.

From: Fish: Stuart, FL

Comments: Good line for smallies and largies. I also use it for crappie.

From: Bradley: Lake Erie

Comments: This is the best finesse (4 & 6lb) line that I have used -  Certainly cures the pain of wind knots & casts a mile. When fished with a Fluorcarbon leader  it is capable of handling some big tough Aussie fish ...{ mulloway to 90cm - (36")  15lb } just use a good knot to connect the leader. Very thin & very smooth  -  All my light spin reels will be swapped to Nanofil.

From: Chris: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Comments: Pretty happy with this line.  Used the 12lb on a camping/bass fishing trip.  Reservoir has tons of logs, branches and rocks in the water, and this line held up great.  Last time out I lost a ton of lures on snags where my line broke or came untied.  With this line i was just puling the logs/branches right out of the water.  Only lost one lure all week, and that was in a tree.  Never once had the knot untie.  Those having problems with the knots untying are clearly not tying it correctly.  The line never broke on me at all, but you do have to pay attention to fraying.  Its easy to see, and i did have to cut the line a few times and retie. No biggie. My only real complaint is that i wish it came in a different color than bright white.  "clear mist" is kind of joke, as there is nothing clear about this line.  It stands out extremely in the water.  Not sure if this effected how the fish reacted or not, but something less obvious in the water could only help. Bottom line....great line!  If you're looking for a superline for your spinning reel, and dont mind spending the $$$$, this is a great choice!

From: Shannon: Cortland, NY

Comments: love this line is really sensitive, very manageable and strong won't use any other line on a spinning reel. Got some 12# to try on a bait caster will let you know how it does.

From: Chuck: Louisville, KY

Comments: Used 6# this weekend on a dropshot. Awsome line. Down Fall: The leader, if you use a swivel and get hung, loose fishing time retying. Other than that, the best line I've ever used for finesse fishing.

From: Shane: VA

Comments: This line is amazing. Its super thin so i can cast a mile. plus im sure it will hold up for a very long time. I highley recomend this line.

From: Ben: Camp Hill, PA

Comments: Pretty good, was kinda skeptical at first about it being new and $20 a spool. But I'm not looking back now, cast a mile, extremely thin, and great sensitivity. May be buying more in the future. 

Comments: This line breaks at the knot.  Very difficult to get a knot to hold.  This along with the white color is a no go for me.  If you can't carry out the most basic thing like tieing on your hook then the product is of no use to anyone.  Spend your money somewhere else.  If berkley could work through those two issues it would be an excellent line.

From: Mark: Eat Aurora, NY

Comments: This line is the best spinning reel line i have ever used it is great i can make long accurate casts and i can feel the bite 50-60 yards away it is veary sensitive and ultra thin i love this line it helped me win a tournament at a blue back herring lake i was able to throw a weightless fluke 70 yards and i could just reel into them i did'nt have to set the hook i love this stuff

From: Patrick: Greensboro, NC


*Zero stretch gives ultimate sensitivity
*You really can cast very far with this line

*Bright white color. I would only use this with reaction baits as the white only gets brighter under water
*Zero abrasion resistance. The slightest nick will cause this line to break

I will not be purchasing more of this line. I prefer not to tie leaders for finesse applications so the bright white coloring of the line was the deal breaker for me. You have to tie a very strong knot in order for it to hold otherwise it will slip. If you fish over rocks, prepare to re-tie constantly or you'll risk losing a fish to a break.

From: Mario: Fremont, CA

Comments: I recently purchased the 8lb and I was very disappointed with it my first time out. The line broke numerous times at the knot and twice with a bass at the end of the line. I tried the recommended nanofil knot but it didnt help. I'll be going back to flurocarbon for my finesse fishing.

From: Mike: Tabernacle, NJ

Comments: The first time I tried the 6 pound test line I used it on a 6.5 foot medium light rod rigged with a 2 inch TJ's Baby Bass Lure and a 1/8 jig head on a small gold Beetle Spin type harness.  In 2 hours my two friends and I caught 67 large mouth bass and 6 really nice crappies in a local farm pond just after a storm front passed thru.  I am VERY PLEASED WITH THE NEW LINE AND WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WHO FISHES WITH A SPINNING OUTFIT.  I now have a second rod rigged with 12 pound test line.

From: Tom: Iowa, USA

Comments: I have been using the 12lb Nanofil for a couple of weeks.  I am very pleased with this line.  This line casts extremely well and has zero memory. It seems even more sensitive than the Power Pro it replaced. I have been using it with a fluorocarbon leader and using the Alberto knot to attach the leader with no problems.

From: Rob: Virginia

Comments: Just received my spool of 12lb Nanofil the other day and took it out today for the first time. It has excellent knot strength. I used a double palomar and had no problems with it. It is also super sensitive and casts a country mile. And as advertised - zero memory! The only thing I don't like is the stark white color. I colored the first few feet of my line, alternating between green and brown.

From: Jared: SC

Comments: Just got some in the 8lb test break strength, the verdict..... Pretty good!!! Casts super far, is SUPER SUPER sensitive and really light! Use mono backing when you spool up this stuff, and tie either a double turn palomar , and when using a leader, what I do is tie a doubled back to back uni knot seems to hold up well, not a bad line, check it out!!

From: Mrbond007: East Lansing, MI

Comments: Just got the 4lb. It casts a mile and is sensitive but its really light and if its nicked or your not isn't perfect it breaks. Only fished one weekend with it but when the wind picked up it was harder to manage than braid. The verdict is still out for me on this line. Don't think its quite the game changer like everyone is sayin.

From: Grat: The Lake

Comments: I preordered a spool of 6lb and just got it Friday and put it on my drop shot set up. This line is amazing, thin as thread, goes through the line guides slicker than any line I have ever used. Very, very sensitive and strong and has no memory.

From: Dewey: Collinsville, VA

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