The Berkley Portable Line Spooling Station will make filling your reels faster and easier than ever. This little tool perfectly adjusts the tension on your line and allows you to fill spinning and casting reels. The unit also includes a Berkley Line Stripper to get the old line off the spool quickly. Instead of dropping your spool of line in a bucket or ending up with tangled line, try the Berkley Line Spooling Station for ease and convenience.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The part where it holds the spool has a rubber pad for gripping the spool of line. It melts onto the line as the spool spins. Spooling a spinning reel spool with this is a pain: The spool keeps popping out of place. You have to guide the line as you reel so that the line won't pile up unevenly.

From: Nathan: Raleigh, NC 3/4/15

Comments: I own a couple of these, one at the lake and one at home. They are a little rinky dinky, but basicaly get the job done. I've never had them break and they are fairly portable, so I'd recomend them. The question I have is why doesn't Berkley incorporate a line counter in them? They make a cheap little line counter that clips on your rod. They are smart guys, they should figure out how to merge them , then charge another $20.

From: Tom: Winnebago, MN

Comments: Been using this for about 4 years now. The spool tensioner (rubber pieces) broke after about 2 years. Called Berkley customer support and they sent me 2 new ones in the mail free of charge. I've had absolutely no problems spooling any of my reels (baitcasting or spinning). Keep a little vaseline on the spool tensioners and they won't dry up, plus it lets the spool spin easier. Make sure to get all the paper off on the line spool around the holes so that they don't cause any friction.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

Comments: This product is absolute junk. It worked for me for about 5 respools, and then the plastic holding the spooling bar in place broke, making it impossible to retain tension. Then the tightening bolts stripped, making it impossible to tighten the spool to the spooling bar. I have mine currently held together with plumbers putty and superglue. The only thing part that hasn't given me trouble is the line stripper. It would be well worth the money if it was made with more durable materials.

From: Eric: MI

Comments: Awesome.  Spooled 12 different baitcasters, very easy to use.  Use to have my wife help hold the line on a pencil; no more listening to her whine "Are we done yet"?  Haven't tried a spinning reel yet, but worth every penny!

From: Shehateme

Comments: Highly effective at spooling baitcast reels.  Somewhat more difficult doing spinning reels, but still works.  I have not had any significant difficulties using this spooling station.  Plus it comes with a free line stripper which doubles as hook sharpener.  I'm Big J, and I approve this product!

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:Buy Shimano reels. Anyway, myself and a lot of anglers I know use this. I've had mine for 5 years and couldn't tell you the miles of line I've spooled with it. Huge time saver and allows you to spool consistently. The line stripper saves even more time. I don't know what I'd do without the line stripper.

From:Brian: Marshall, MI

Comments:JUNK! do not buy, I couldn't spool bait casters. When you tighten down the handle to hold the reel, it rubs on the reel. I tried 3 different brands, it made no difference, Pflueger,Daiwa and Johnny Morris all rubbed.

From:Glenn: Jackson, MI

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