A Berkley best seller for almost 20 years, the Berkley 10" Power Worms offer a natural presentation for all fishing conditions. The classic ribbon-tail design of the Berkley 10" Power Worm has a life-like swimming action when twitched or on the fall. The soft texture enhanced by the Berkley scent and flavor formula is irresistible to fish. When the bass are eating up soft plastics but you need that kicker fish, try a 10 in. Power Worm and weed out those smaller fish. This large profile bait is excellent for pitching and flipping around heavy cover.

Length Quantity
10" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a tried and true worm over the years. It's easy, simplify your worms. These are inexpensive worms with good results. T-rig with whatever weight works for you in your waters. Have a little confidence and let the worm do the work. MOTOR OIL, is money!!!

From: John: Kalispell, MT

Comments: Love this bait! works all season long and i always get bit with this bait. swimming,hopping or dragging it along the bottom seems to work for me. Motoroil redflake is the way to go

From: MN

Comments: Love this worm on a beefy 4/O or 5/O hook for the bigger hungry largemouth. usually peg a bullet weight on the nose and swim or jig this bait. but if your not getting crushed which id be shocked, try a smaller weight for a less agressive presentation. and if that doesnt work try downsizing to a 7in powerworm and diffirent size weights cause as ive found sometimes the big bulky 10in worm seems to be too much for sluggish summer fish but this case is rare! they usually eat it!

From: Mat: OH

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