The Berkley Chigger Chunk was designed specifically for jigs of all types and sizes. The wide body and the Chigger claws produce a unique flapping action that mimic crawfish. The Chigger Chunk not only adds life and action to your favorite jig but is also loaded with the exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor which bass crave. The Berkley Chigger Chunk will give you the edge over the competition when jig fishing.

Length Quantity
3" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  Great "compact" trailer when threaded on a jig, as Mat mentioned. I love this paired with a 3/8 oz War Eagle Heavy Finesse jig on #20 Invizex for spring dock pitching, for me its a match made in heaven. Dipping the tips of the pinchers in yellow dye seems to help, don't know if o'l bucket mouth or tiger stripes thinks its a craw or a bream- regardless, this is a quality trailer (soft, good action, great scent), in really cold water, < 52 degrees, I usually fish a Zoom super chunk or super chunk jr (little more subtle action) or pork. Tight lines.

From: Tim: WI

Comments: like the previous review said, g\amazing trailer for warm water jigs. this trailer makes a jig bulky with alot of action yet compact if you thread it all the way in your hook. i love these on the back of a booyah boo jig throwing cover or even on points. love this bait and you will too!

From: Mat: OH

Comments:  These are GREAT trailers for little jigs, in the 3/16-1.4oz range. The legs hold up pretty well. Really well on fish, and decent in cover. Depends on what they get stuck in, but they're worth a couple bucks for the action you get in return. The stink of powerbait in a great looking, and great acting trailer.

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