Berkley's pro's designed the Berkley Powerbait Chigger Toad's unique buzzing legs to generate maximum topwater disturbance. A great choice for both emergent vegetation and open water, each Chigger Toad also features six smaller crazy legs for a unique profile and additional action. The Chigger Toad's soft body and convenient hook slit make accurate rigging easy, and every bait is loaded with Berkley's exclusive Powerbait formula so fish hold on longer - up to 18-times longer - than with standard soft plastics.

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4" 4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: im sticking with the strike king rage toads and zoom horny toads.

From: Bryce: Orange County, CA

Comments: The legs are too thick and its hard to get theis bait to work well. You cant work it on the surface slowly because the legs won't kick. Berkley makes good lures, but they really laid an egg with this one. It doesnt even compare to other frogs on the market like the rage toad, horny toad, or ribbit.

Comments: LOVE THIS TOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! black and blue kills big largemouth bass!!!

From: Bobby: Minnesota, USA

Comments: I am a Zoom Horny Toad fan, and still am. Like the Zoom on everything. This, it loves open water, both just under and great top water action. The legs are thicker/heavier and a quick retrieve brings great action. Soft body (unlike Ribbits) Still good on moss and muck but the Zoom is better for that. The Chigger Toad brought in a 3 lbr and a 2.10 lbr yesterday.

From: Five-o: Iowa, USA

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