NEW Berkley PowerBait Crazy Leg Chigger Craw is the same bait that won the 2007 Bassmaster Classic, only BETTER! The Chigger Craw now comes with CRAZY LEGS that greatly enhance the bait's action while swimming, or on the drop. This new feature along with the high action Chigger Craw pinchers and the magic of PowerBait fish-attracting scent make it completely irresistible to bass. Fish it alone, or as a jig trailer, slow, or fast, and watch the pinchers and crazy legs swim wildly back and forth - driving big bass crazy.

The Black Blue Chigger Craw helped Skeet Reese win the 2009 Bassmaster Classic.

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3" 7
4" 6

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Smallmouth on Lake Mille Lacs Love these. Pumpkin Green Flake on a Fin tech Title shot jig drug over pencil reed to rock transitions is money.

From: Richard: Saint Francis,MN

Comments: green pumpkin on a jig..... Nothing else to say its a beast

From: Matt: MD

Comments: i was using the green pumpkin color and wow they catch fish. caught a six pounder a 4 1/2 pounder and a couple 2 pounders. best craw there is!!

From: Austin: bloomington indiana

Comments: The 4 inch CLCC in green pumpkin makes a great trailer for a V and M football jig in both candy craw and PB+J.  I have caught two 7 pound bass at Falls Lake, NC using this combination in the month of June.

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: I finally got around to extensively using the 4" crazy legs chigger craw yesterday in black red flake. I gotta say, I love this thing. It will definitely catch you fish. Threw it texas rigged and worked like a charm catching many bass anywhere from 2-5 lbs. They are pretty durable, about 4 bass before getting shredded. Overall I definitely will be buying more

From: Cody: IL

Comments: My goto FB jig trailer, awesome action jigging up and on the fall.  Large profile for those hungry big mommas.  3" for finesse jigs and 1/4-3/8oz fb jigs, 4" for 3/8oz and heavier.  Also a great flipping bait

From: Duzbass: IL

Comments: took this bait out to a local pond today in black blue flake and in the first 10 minutes had 3 bass. great action and it has proven to catch fish

Comments: 9/6/2012: Not impressed with these! Even with the appendages separated, they seem stiff and without much flap. Havoc series like Pit Boss much more responsive. But, for a craw with really great action and unbelievable colors, try GrandeBass Mega craws.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

Comments: I caught a couple of sunfish with these WITHOUT a hookset!  They just held on to the plastic cuz of the scent!!

From: John: IL

Comments:  I really like this crazy legs chigger craw  it has proven to me to catch fish. Good combo would be a 4" crazy legs chigger craw  in ( green pumpkin blue flake ) with a 4/0 Gamakatsu superline hook ( black ) on a spinning reel and rod  with 10lb trilene 100% fluorocarbon line ( green tint ) . Bass just hate this bait they just kill them .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: I have used these a lot now and have caught  tons of bass thay are great for shore fishing get them in the three inch and in the cinnamon purple flake color my friends use a 2/0 hook but I use a 3/0 as long as you ad some weight to these things you will do great it's my favorite lure of all time great job berkley

From: Corey: USA

Comments: Just great baits ! I stocked up in the spring when they were on sale and still should have bought more. I alternate between these and the pit boss.. Simply Awesome baits!

From: Barry: Sugar Grove, IL

Comments: If your not throwing these, you're missing out on one of the BEST craws ever made.

From: Chris: CA Delta

Comments: Best bait on the market. I dont hit the water without a pack of these bad boys. I have personally had the best success with the Breen color. Bass just love them in northern california. If your satisfied catching the ouncers and 1 pound bass, then these bass arent for you.

From: Miguel: Sacramento, CA

Comments: Best jig trailer on the merket by far. Paired with a pb&j chompers 1/2oz football head jig. Helped me land a 5.12lb and many other fish on 1/2-4/11 when fish were holding extremely tight to reeds in a laggon i was fishing.

From: Josh: Menifee, CA

Comments: Love the crazy legs chigger craw for flippin and pitchin the buck brush.

From: Alec: Highland, IL

Comments:Best flippin and pitchin bait ever.


Comments:The crazy leg action on these baits is amazing, I like to texas rig em and pitch them into brush. I have caught many good bass on these baits. Excluding one that broke off on the hookset.

From:Edward: Las Cruces, NM

Comments:Action is awesome, black with blue flake is money! Texas rig with a tungsten nail in the body and crawl it on the bottom. Easy as that.

From:Jesse: Visalia, CA

Comments:These baits are awesome! They helped me win 6 tournaments last year and a divison championship with the USA bassin coalfield division.

From:Jason: Davin, WV

Comments:this is one of the best soft plastic of all time, and it smells great also. Buy from Tackle Warehouse, they are the best and great customer service. You folks are number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From:Mike: USA

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