The Berkley Powerbait Hand Pour Finesse Worm features multi-layered poured colors, designed to give this bait superior lifelike detail and provide anglers with different presentation options. The body is extra soft and flexible, guarantying a great finesse action that will attract those finicky fish when the bite is slow. Ideal for clear water presentations, the Berkley Powerbait Hand Pour Finesse Worms also have the added benefit of Berkley Powerbait scent attractant.

Length Quantity
4" 8
6" 7
7" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These worms make an excellent finesse Texas rig set up caught 2 largemouth bass one right after another I don't like using them for wacky though because they tear easily.

From: Brian: USA

Comments: Not a lot of action to them, really bolky robo's are better.

From: Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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