The Berkley Powerbait Hollow Body swimbait is proof that some great baits are worth the wait. Berkley scientist have spent numerous days testing the Hollow Belly to make sure it delivers the proper tail and body action. These swimbaits feature realistic eyes and lifelike colors which include a clear coat finish that magnifies the natural image. The oversized paddle tail creates a natural swimming action and the soft texture mimics the feel of live baitfish.

The Berkley Hollow Belly is the only swimbait to contain the Powerbait scent and flavor which fish hold onto 18x longer than traditional unscented baits. Each pack of the Powerbait Hollow Belly's include a pre-weighted 5/0 hook for rigging weedless and a treble hook with the proper terminal tackle for open water applications. Grab a pack and see why the Hollow Belly is another example of the Berkley Powerbait advantage.

3 Per Pack

Click here to see some video on Berkley baits with Luke Lundit at ICAST '08.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Flat out catches fish but very expensive for what you get. Wish I could buy them without the hardware. If I could buy them in a 100 pack I would!!

From: Wes: TX

Comments: I fish this lure in local lakes and ponds all year long and it works almost every time. I went to a new pond and in 1 day can catch 5 or 6 bass all on this and all over 2lbs. It is very durable it can be used over and over and will last.

From: Ben: Austin, TX

Comments:  great lure for fishing the beach. i use the 6in. with the all white and the yellow green being most productive. i get them cheaper down here though but definitly worth the price. the added bullet weight helps it  sink below the surf better with a strong current.

From: Max: Miami, FL

Comments:Great action---lots of BIG fish in the midwest with that Bluegill color.

From:Eric: Council Bluffs, IA

Comments:This swim bait is awesome and they really slam it, so hold on!

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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