Berkley Powerbait Jerk Shad 6pk - $4.49

The Berkley Powerbait 5" Jerk Shad features an extremely life-like profile and enticing action. The Jerk Shad also has the added benefit of Powerbait scent and attractant. Once a fish bites into the Jerk Shad, the Powerbait flavor impregnated into the bait, causes the fish to hang on longer for more positive hooksets. The Powerbait 5" Jerk Shad quickly darts and glides smoothly - imitating an escaping bait fish. Definitely a versatile bait, the Berkley Jerk Shad can be fished effectively around shallow cover or in open water.

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5" 6
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Berkley Powerbait Jerk Shad 6pk

3 Available Colors

  • Arkansas Shiner
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  • Pearl Watermelon Shad
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  • Pearl White
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Comments: These jerk shads are a fantastic bait. The tail action is subtle but they glide back and forth and the bass love it. The durability is great and the scent is very attractive to fish but be careful if you're a catch and release fisherman because the bass begin swallowing this bait as soon as they grab it and if you don't set the hook soon enough you'll have a gut hooked bass on your hands

From: Jeremy: IN

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