The Berkley Powerbait 5" Power Hawg offers exceptional versatility. Great for flipping or covering a lot of water with long casts, the Berkley Power Hawg is a key impulse strike bait. The unique appendages create a compelling action in the water while the slender body is easy to rig and helps the Power Hawg cast like a bullet. Great as a jig trailer or Texas or Carolina rigged, the original scent and flavor enhanced Powerbait formula only adds to its appeal. Once a fish bites into a Power Hawg, the Powerbait flavor impregnated into the bait, causes fish to hang on longer for more positive hooksets. The Berkley Powerbait Power Hawg is a great creature bait with a proven track record of success.

Length Quantity
4" 9

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the 4" power hawg in green pumpkin is amazing fishing it weightless with a 4/0 trokar Magworm hook , an hopping it off the bottom encourage bites from fussy bass in the early spring weather.

From: Erik: Shorewood, IL 4/8/14

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