The Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad features a sleek profile complete with extremely life-like details, including 3D eyes and compelling coloring. The ribs or ripples extending all the way to the bait's tail set it apart from other similar baits on the market, creating additional water disturbance and vibration. The paddle tail still imparts its characteristic vibration and the classic swimming motion of a swimbait, while the Ripple Shad's thick head makes rigging easy and is perfect for holding the keeper of a swimbait hook. The Ripple Shad also benefits from Berkley's legendary Powerbait scent infused into every bait. The Powerbait formula generates a bite when nothing else works and causes fish to hold on 18 times longer than unscented baits. Try fishing the 4" model as a swimbait or on a jig head and the 3" on a drop shot rig. Very verstatile, both sizes of the Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad will perform in a variety of applications.

Length Quantity
5" 4
4" 5
3" 10

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have been using these the past 2 months for walleye I have been out on a river in Michigan 33 days & I have landed 136 walleye, 4 pike.

From: Kris: MI 2/12/16

Comments: I bought these in two different sizes and 3 different colors.  I've tried all of them several different times on several different bodies of water.  Still haven't caught a fish on them. I think that they look good but obviously the fish don't agree. UGH.

From: Andy: IN 1/22/15

Comments: This Swimbait is by far the best out there! I have caught countless Bass on Heavily Pressured water using the 3.5 Racy Shad bait. Get some and you will become a Believer!!!

From: Eric: Walkertown, NC 11/18/14

Comments: Very hard compared to most swim baits.  Have to real it fast to get decent action.  Durable and looks good, but poor action relative to other options.

From: Doug: WY

Comments: The body design with the grooves along the belly and it's no-roll balance is superior. The 4" in clear water, screwed onto an Owner Sled Head is the Perfect finesse swimbait. I've done very well with the black back gold holographic color. Mimics young panfish and yellow perch, which tend to be more translucent.

From: AJ: Rhode Island

Comments: these things are awesome!! the action is second to none.

From: Matt: Ontario

Comments: Berkley and TW where is glup freshwater swimbaits and biodegradable bass swimbaits?? take this to next level and catch monsters. Fisherman needs new glup swimbaits.

From: Alex

Comments: I like these baits but they are very very hard , I boiled mine and it softend them up and let the tail work better and got better hook ups. the Green Back Pearl seemed to be the fishes pick as I tried firetiger , white black back also. Good baits and they look killer in the water but are a hard bait and it makes hook-ups a 50/50 . we fish em in the grass with the hook weedless after boiling them hook ups was 75/25 made a big dif..

From: Kevin: KY

Comments: I cut the head off a 4in and put it on a swim jig. deadly.

From: Ryan: Elgin, IL

Comments: 4'' work excellent on the back of swimjigs. Killer around the shad spawn.

From: Lake Texoma, TX

Comments: The 3inchers are a great dropshot bait! just cut the paddletail in half toward the front and nose-hook it!!!

From: Telletubby Land

Comments: WARNING - don't use mend it glue on these things.  I had an eye pop off as a result of a jig head keeper and I brushed on a little mend it glue...ate right threw it !!!!!  Otherwise cool bait, can't wait to toss it.

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: put it on my a rig an slayed em

From: Ryan: Northern, IL

Comments: The 3" green and Black pearl is a smallie catching machine. best lure EVER!!!

From: Kekai: OR

Comments: I run the 4" holo gold black as a trailer on a golden shiner color Revenge swim jig. Puts the fish in the boat DAILY.

From: Fillmore Limits: Northern CA

Comments: Used the smelt color in a recent tournament to land 4 keepers. Was using the 3'' in fire tiger to start, but had to go to the 4'' smelt, because the pan fish were going after it. These swim baits are great. You will get strikes from any type of fish your going after. A few of the baits got a little shredded from some hard hitting bass, but over all they seemed to hold up very well.

From: Joseph: Liverpool, NY

Comments: this is a sweet swimbait, looks great, durable, and the tail swim nice with a nice body motion.

From: George: Detroit, MI

Comments: These things are awesome. 3" on a 1/4 jig head catch lots of smallies, the 4" on a owner swimbait hook weighted catch lots of bass pre spawn.  Summertime they work great on the back of a chatter bait. More tail action less roll, hard to rig wrong.

From: Rob: Davenport, IA

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