The Berkley Powerbait 4.75" Slim Shaky Worms are Berkley's answer to finesse fishing. They work great for highly pressured fish or when the bite gets slow. The Slim Shaky Worms have a unique design which creates a subtle action and more vibration with a slight movement of the rod tip. The Power Bait scent and attractant also gives the angler an additional advantage over other baits.

"Many of the impoundments that the Bass Elites compete on are heavily fished by local traffic. Finesse fishing has become a go-to method to coax pressured fish to strike. Powerbait 4 3/4 Slim Shaky Worms are perfect for these types of situations. It's easy to rig it on a light jig or fine wire hook." - Skeet Reese

Length Quantity
4.75" 12

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a really great worm. I like to rig it whacky style and weightless. The worm falls slower than a senko and has a nice wiggle. Powerbait over gulp!

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: LOVE THIS WORM. it is f the best shaky worm in the world. Because its so limber. and because it has the berkley sent so the fish cant resist it.

From: Matthew: Ontario

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