Designed to perform as well as a true hollow style swimbait, the Berkley Powerbait Split Belly Swimbait collapses easily for instant hook sets, and also accommodates a wider hook gap for a better hook up ratio. Its oversized paddle tail creates an unbelievable swimming action, and its soft texture mimics the feel of a live baitfish. Also featuring 3D eyes and ultra realistic color patterns, each Berkley Powerbait Split Belly Swimbait is loaded with Berkley's legendary Powerbait formula so "fish bite and won't let go."

Length Quantity
4" 4
5" 3

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: these work great . They are soft wich is what lets them swim rite. The harder baits spin around and has no tail action . these are just rite for light wieghted hooks and swim true at fast pace or a craw .I have tons of swimbaits and I feel these are the best swiming of them all for the way we fish them in the grass. Awesome looks to.

From: Kevin: KY

Comments: not very durable and does not swim as well as almost any hollow belly swimbaits

Comments: Just got back from an evening of catching and weighing in some Big smallies on the 5" Hitch. I love the split-body design it accommidates a large hook very well and swims true. 

From: JP: Albion, IN

Comments: This bait catches fish, no doubt.  On my first outing with this bait, I was able to skip the bait under a dock where I normally catch 3-pounders on Zoom flukes and Bass Assassins.  This time I caught a 5.5, 4.5, and 6.5 fish in one hour!  The one drawback I have encountered is its durability.  I do find that the softness of the bait seems to lessen its durability.

From: Rudy: Fresno Area, CA

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