Berkley Powerbait Thief 8pk

Berkley Powerbait Thief 8pk

Loaded with Berkley's exclusive Powerbait scent & flavor formula, it almost feels like stealing when you fish the Berkley Powerbait Thief. Its flat body design allows it to glide seductively on the fall, and its long tentacles and claws create an enticing action bass can't resist. Combine that with the famous Powerbait formula, proven to make fish hold on 18x longer, and it’s not even fair. Steals some bites with the Berkley Powerbait Thief - available in a range of fish-catching colors.

Length Quantity
4" 8

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6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great flippin bait, very durable, great for punching, and this bait works 8/10 times every time I use it. Good job berkley! I use green pumpkin

From: Matt: MO 12/19/14

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