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Constructed from Berkley's exclusive HeavyWeight material, the Berkley Powerbait HeavyWeight Thump Worm allows for weightless rigging and more natural presentations, while still providing the weight necessary to make accurate and long casts. Also yielding an ideal sinking action, its large paddle tail is designed to deliver maximum underwater thump. Available in a several effective colors, the Berkley Powerbait HeavyWeight Thump Worm is loaded with Powerbait formula for added fish attraction - and so that fish hold on longer - up to 18-times longer - than with normal artificial baits.

You can also change the Berkley Thump Worm into a buzz worm by cutting along the tail indentation.

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Comments: Works awesome! First trip out got a 7lb fatty bass. Just cast it out and crawl it over the bottom. I got hit when it slid down the backside of a rock.

From: Jeff: OR

Comments: These worms are great!! Just toss em, let em sink, and give em a rip. the tail on these really throws out some heavy vibration

From: Bubba: NJ

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