Gone are the days of having a pencil or screwdriver as your “spooling tool.” The Berkley Reel Spooling Station allows anglers to quickly apply line in a fraction of the time that it takes with traditional methods. An innovative axle-free spool holder accommodates bulk spools, and also eliminates wobbling – creating a tight line application every time. In addition, the Berkley Reel Spooling Station also reduces the area necessary to spool your reels, while providing a stable workspace. Compatible with almost any casting, fly, or spinning reel, the Berkley Reel Spooling Station is a great way to save time, space, and energy.

Also included with the Berkley Reel Spooling Station is the Berkley Line Stripper – a small, battery powered device that allows you to peel off miles of line in a flash. The Berkley Line Stripper works with line from #2 to #50, and allows you to save energy for the important stuff – like fishing. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I don't understand why these things are still on store shelves. They are the Yugo of fishing equipment. If you have the patience of Gandhi you can get it to function but odds are you won't try to use it again. They are absolute junk, a black eye for Berkley.

Comments: complete junk. The red knob that locks the reel in place doesn't even fit over most of the reel feet on my low pro baitcasters, and if it does it presses against the line guide and prevents it from moving back & forth. my line stripper quite working after 3 strippings. It would be great if they made the reel sit lower so the red knob would fit over the feet.

From: Bobby: CA

Comments: horrible design, first off to put tension on the spool it says to put a wet towel on top of the line. Second, the reel isnt raised high enough so its hard to reel, and when  reeling the whole station lifts up. Now its just a 28 dollars dusk collector in my garage. Very disappointing

From: Anthony: Vandenberg AFB, CA

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