The Berkley Ripple Rig Kit is a scaled-down umbrella rig that comes equipped with everything you need right-out-of-the-package, including three PowerBait Ripple Shads, three belly weighted hooks and three 40lb Cross-Lok Snap Swivels. The middle arm is also removable, allowing you to fish it with either two baits “buzzbait” style or with three arms “jerkbait” style. Incredible realistic and versatile, the Berkley Ripple Rig Kit is also one of the only umbrella rigs with the added fish attraction of Berkley’s PowerBait formula. Perfect for fishing your local pond or when bass are keying in on smaller baitfish, the Berkley Ripple Rig Kit has everything you need.

4-inch Wire Ripple Rig Kit - includes three 3" Ripple Shads & three 1/0 hooks.
5-inch Wire Ripple Rig Kit - includes three 3.5" Ripple Shads & three 4/0 hooks.

Berkley Middle Wire Length Outer Wire Length
Ripple Rig Kit 4" 4"" 2"
Ripple Rig Kit 5" 5.5" 2"

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