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Berkley Tool Floating Pliers 6.5 - $6.99

Berkley Floating Pliers 6.5” From the brand that celebrates both tradition and innovation, Berkley’s Classic Tools are designed to offer the angler a wide selection of high-performance products at a great value. These Berkley Floating Pliers are one of the best choices for on-boat tools especially if you are clumsy (all of us are from time to time) or have young kids on board fishing.

* Tungsten Carbide cutting system
* Cuts monofilament and braided line
* Floating comfort grip handles
* Comes with lanyard

Comments: Complete junk!  Used one time and they came apart. Snap back together easy but break with ease. Tough to cut line when they break!

From: Derick: Lindsay, TX 3/5/14

Comments: These pliers are pretty good. i mainly use them to cut line and to unhook treble hooks. they do feel a little undurable when trying to unhook a thick hook. but overall their pretty good and for the price u cant beat it.

From: John: TX

Comments: Tdo not bother they broke the first time I used them to take a hook out

From: Sara: Brandon, FL

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Berkley Tool Floating Pliers 6.5

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Berkley Tool Floating Pliers 6.5 $6.99 3

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