Berkley Tournament Culling System is from the brand that celebrates both tradition and innovation, Berkley’s Classic Tools are designed to offer the angler a wide selection of high-performance products at a great value. Berkley's Tounament Culling System allows the angler to color-coordinate his fish from large to small and keep track of what is in the livewell. This culling system, simple in design, should make it easier for the tournament angler to keep track of which fish are going to the weigh-in and which fish are going back into the lake.

* Easily ID your tournament fish
* Seven assorted colored floats
* Firm low-stress clip grips
* comes with weigh card and marker

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have a nearly identical system with the same exact clips (came with Berkley tournament culling digital scale.  They do not stay on fish and they do tangle at times which contributes to the problems.  I added the largest snap swivel I could find (with a very small zip tie) to the same loop the clip connects to. Not greatest or easiest method but works okay (better than clips), leaving a smaller hole in the lip than most hooks would make.

From: John: Colgate, WI

Comments: the clips are just fine if you don't try to pull the fish out by the cords and just use the cord to guide your hand to the fish. better than sticking something through its gills and harming the fish.  or poking a huge hole in its lip with a pin that is 10 times bigger than any hook.

From: Rob: Lewistown, PA

Comments: Alright for the price. As the other review stated, makings on board wear off and clips aren't strong enough to hold fish well. Most of the time the culls come loss just from the fish moving. I would recommend getting something different.

From: Chris: NC

Comments: The clips won't stay in the mouth of the fish, and the board is marked but the markings rub off fairly fast. For 10 bucks its decent but I'd go with the ardent's.

From: Mike: Murray, KY

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