Berkley Tournament Fish Scale 15lb - $34.99

The Berkley Tournament Fish Scale 15lb is one of the most accurate scales you can buy - weighing fish to within +/- 1/4 oz. It also stores and ranks up to eight individual weights, so you know exactly where you stand. Water-resistant with a retractable hook and batteries included, the Berkley Tournament 15 lb Fish Scale also features an adjustable safety lanyard for added convenience.


-Extremely accurate within +/- 1/4 oz.
-Stores up to eight individual weights
-Retractable hook and batteries included

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Berkley Tournament Fish Scale 15lb

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Berkley Tournament Fish Scale 15lb $34.99 N/A

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Comments: If you want a scale that seems to always need batteries then look no further! I just wish I bought a different scale or that berkley would redesign this to use AAA batteries

From: Nick: Carbondale, IL 6/9/15

Comments: The first time I used this scale I weighted a fish that it said was 4lb 15oz. While reading the scale the fish jumped and broke the hook out of the bottom. When I got to weight in it really on weighted 4.5lbs.

From: Breck: Lebanon, MO 6/30/14

Comments: agree agree, drains batteries, sucks

From: Nick: Clovis, CA

Comments: I agree. Eats batteries like they are cookies

From: Bill: Williamstown, NJ, USA

Comments: This scale works well when the batteries are fresh. Unfortunately it eats batteries and they are expensive.  It always seems like it's dead when I have a nice one I want to weigh.  Maybe its just my problem, but I'm looking for a new scale that just uses AA size batteries.

From: John: Monterey, CA

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