The engineers at Berkley have worked hard to develop a superior fluorocarbon and the Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is the result. Through extensive research and tests Berkley believes this fluorocarbon to be the best on the market.

Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is extremely sensitive and the unique properties of this line make it limp providing smooth casting and easy handling. Trilene Fluorocarbon has low stretch making hooksets solid and putting you in direct contact with the fish. Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is highly abrasion resistant which gives anglers the ability and confidence to fish in and around structure without concern.

Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon comes in clear and green. Depending on the water color you fish there is a Trilene Fluorocarbon right for any situation. Berkley stands behind their products and the Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is no exception. Berkley Pros believe in this line, try it and you will too.

Line Dia. 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb 20lb 25lb
Inches .007 .010 .011 .012 .013 .015 .016 .017 .019
Millimeters .18 .25 .28 .30 .33 .38 .41 .43 .48

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have used the green tint line for two years.  The 12 lb test works well for deep cranking and the 17 lb test works well for texas rigged worms, football jigs, and casting jigs.  20 lb test works well for carolina rig main line.  Check your knots frequently and retie frayed line.  The fish n fool knot does not fail.  I recommend the line.

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: best fluro on the market idc what you guys say. fishing a shaky head on 8lb line a fish ran into the pads and i got him out.

From: Jake

Comments: this stuff is poop until yoou break it in... it coils up it cast ok not as far as mono or braid would but honestly if you get a bird nest deep it will cutt your line in half and the line twist sucks butt the stiffness does go away great sensitvity

Comments: I spooled one of my spinning rigs w/ 8lb for finesse fishing.  Although this line is very strong, its like using slinky wire; too stiff!!!  I still use the 12-15lb test for baitcasting rigs, but the lighter weights are way too stiff for lighter lures.

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments: Out of the package this stuff is fantastic.  However, the longevity of this FC is fair at best; so, I mainly use it for leaders on braided mainlines.

Comments: I use this almost exclusively on all of my set ups. No problems with it at all. Very abrasian resistant, but lets all remember fishing 101, check your line!!!

From: Matt: Iowa

Comments: Great stuff, in 3 years I have broken of 2 times on hook sets. one was a pike the other a gar. I use it straight on real and as a leader with braid. Both work Great.

From: Corey: Diamond, IL

Comments: I have tried several brands of fluorocarbon lines including Vicious and P-Line.  This stuff is great!  Very little memory and great abrasion resistance. I use the 17 lb test.

Comments: I like flipping in heavy cover and i am using 20lb line of this stuff and a 4/0 Gamakatsu heavy cover  hook with a snell knot haven't broken off at all yet so I recommand this line to everyone one this to remember is to wet the line when you are tying the knot . Also the 8lb is good for shaky head jigging and looking forward on tying this stuff as a leader on braid .

From: Erik: IL

Comments: One of the worst flourocarbon lines out there.

From: Ian: Longview, TX

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